Cornbread and Slow Cooker Chilli!

Guess who got a £15 tip at work recently? That's right, me! Well, to be fair, the waitresses in the VIP area I was in were the ones who actually made the tips... but we split all the tips evenly at my work so my sub-par bar skills got something out of it too! 

And what did I do with these amazing tips, you ask? I splurged at Morrisons! 3 for £10 meats and the remaining £5 I spent on butter to make banana bread and coconut milk and potatoes to made massman beef curry! [I already had the massman curry paste at home]. 

But that's not the recipe I'm sharing with you guys today! I am sharing with you slow cooker chili con carne and cornbread!

I just love a slow cooker meal. Just shove all the ingredients into the slow cooker, turn it on, go out for the day, and come home to a yummy meal with almost zero effort put into it. You do have to brown the mince before you put it into the slow cooker but if that's the only effort I have to put into a meal [along with cutting up a pepper and opening some tins], I'm good! 

And what better to have with some warming, filling, yummy chilli than some sweet cornbread? I love that the Southern US states have found a way to eat chilli with what is basically cake. But it works so well! 
Actually, I just googled that and apparently it is the Northern cornbread that is sweet and the Southern cornbread has barely any sugar in it. So there you go! Fact of the day!

Also, if you're in the UK, I'm not sure where you'll find cornmeal. I couldn't find it in the Tesco and the Morrisons by me so I used cornflour instead. It worked well but it obviously has a very different texture than it would if you used cornmeal. 

And yes, those are basically the same pictures but with the focus on different parts. It was a great meal though! So filling and it lasts for ages! Well, depending on how many people you're looking to feed with it. It could feed 8 or, if you're me, 1 person for lunch, dinner and snacks for two days. 

Let me know what you think! These are two great recipes, they're really easy and they go so well together. Enjoy!


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