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Explore Scotland: The Devil's Puplit

This is maybe one of the most beautiful sights that I have seen so far in Scotland. The Devil's Puplit. It is a slight hidden gem. Tucked away in a 100ft deep gorge in Finnich Glen, you would have no idea it was there unless you were purposefully looking for it. It is such a find. Incredibly beautiful. The main entrance into the gorge - the steep steps aka Jacob's Ladder (the last picture)- brings you out onto the main plateau which is of course, absolutely stunning. To make the most of your visit though, you'll have to get your feet wet (if it's good weather and it's safe, of course). We started at the very end of the gorge - where it opens out into fields - and walked through the river to find the main plateau (which gives you the views of the waterfalls), before exiting via Jacob's Ladder. Even though it was a hot day, my feet and legs were still freezing! Totally worth it though.

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