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Spicy Pumpkin Pie!

Who likes cloves? I certainly do not. I had a bad experience with clove oil when I had a problem with my wisdom teeth and it has made me hate it ever since. 
Nonetheless, I used the tiniest amount of clove in the pie crust of this pumpkin pie. Hence the name 'spicy' pumpkin pie. To be honest, next time I make this pie, I will be leaving out the clove. Although it's only 1/4 tsp [the recipe actually calls for 3/4 tsp but I used less cause I knew I didn't like it], even that was too much. 

It wasn't bad, per say. It was still really nice! But unless you like the spiciness of cloves, I'd leave it out. My sister couldn't eat the crust - she only ate the filling - and my boyfriend wasn't really a fan but I liked it!
Most recipes call for cloves and the other spices to be in the filling, but this particular recipe has them in the pie crust, which is why it's darker than normal. A nice twist!
So, here comes the recipe:
Ingredients Filling 1 can pumpkin pure…

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