Thursday, 15 December 2016

Quick and Easy Cullen Skink!

I'm off home to Singapore tomorrow for Christmas, and I can't wait!
All my exams are done and essays are handed in so all I have to do now is get through the long flight... When I checked in online it was also ridiculously full... so this could end up being an uncomfortable flight. I am crossing my fingers that I get upgraded.

Anyway, onto more foodie topics...
I've posted a cullen skink recipe before but this is a quick version if you don't have the time to wait a few hours for a hearty bowl of soup. Still has all the flavour though! 

This recipe only takes about 20 minutes to make and it is still so yummy. FYI, I used leeks in this recipe instead of an onion. 

This soup is creamy and salty and smokey and just so yummy. All that for just 20 minutes of work. Most of which is just waiting for it to simmer. I didn't even bother peeling the potatoes just to make it even easier for myself. 

Serve with some nice crusty bread and you've got yourself a perfect meal for a wintery night that takes no time at all.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas Wish List!

It's December 1st!! 
Officially the Christmas season! Even though it's actually been going on for ages...

I'm currently lying in bed listening to Christmas playlists on Spotify and looking at things I want to open on the big day. I will get back to studying soon, I promise!


First is this bottle of No7 Dramatic Lift Mascara from Boots. 
My mum gave me a little freebie bottle that she got and I've used it all up now but it was amazing!
It really did make my lashes look so long and 'dramatically lifted' them. It also didn't clump them all together but helped them all separate out so my eyes looked big and bright!

I absolutely love these videos on Facebook. I watch them all the time and I'm always cooking them. They're just so easy and, well, tasty! 
Plus they normally involve a copious amount of cheese...
It's not actually a set book I don't think. You get to choose 7 sections like 'Pastas and Bakes' or 'Light Meals' or just 'Cheese' and then each themed section will pick 7 of the most popular Tasty recipes and put them into a book for you!

Another cookbook! 
I don't know if I've made my love of this show clear before... but I love it. It's amazing. And it always puts you in such a baking mood when you're watching it!
What better than to have a recipe book with some of the recipes from this year's show in it!
I'll get to try out some of the technical challenges and see how I'd fare if I was on the actual show! Probably not very well...

My dad bought me the 2016 version of this calendar from Waterstones sometime this past year and I love it. Plus it helps me keep track of all my shifts at work and any essays or exams I have coming up. It has all these quirky/witty/sarcastic little pictures in it for each month and they always make me laugh. In fact, I always put an Instagram up of the calendar when it's the first of a new month and just yesterday, the artist [David Olenick] regramed my November picture with the best caption:

Dr. Martens. I love my black Dr. Martens so much [even though my mum hates them] and I've wanted new ones for ages but they're pretty expensive...
I'd love any new pair to be honest but I've found these two which I really like: 

The Pascal ASP Light Grey ones...

... and the Black Victorian ones.

Again, any new pair would be amazing. I just love the look of them and they're really comfy. I do need insoles for them though because I have flat feet so even though they're comfy my feet do start to hurt after a while, like they do with any flat shoes. 

And lastly, sweaters/jumpers. I am loving knitwear at the moment. My outfits recently have consisted of black jeans, my Dr. Martens and different jumpers. Any new jumper/sweater would be amazing.

 There's this grey oversized vintage jumper from Boohoo which I love and which I've had my eye on for a while and also this black velvet sleeve sweater dress from Missguided which is a bit different but which I've also fallen in love with. It combines my two favourite things! Sweaters and velvet! I kind of love velvet at the moment...

So there we have it. My Christmas Wish List :)

What is everyone else asking for for Christmas?