Sunday, 29 May 2016

Salad Stop! [Singapore]

I have found my new favourite place to eat in Singapore - SaladStop!

I think I'm actually addicted. My mum and I went there three times within the space of 5 days because I was hooked after the first time she took me. So hooked in fact that we actually talked about me getting a food truck and doing a similar thing in Glasgow but with soup and baked goods. So not as healthy but still... it would be cool!

This place is the first healthy food chain in Asia and they're really into providing nutritious and yummy food whilst staying environmentally conscious. But most importantly.. the food is really good! Well to be fair, I've only ever tried one thing but that's really tasty so I'm assuming everything else is as well!

I always get the 'Omega 3 Baby!' [yes the exclamation mark is included in the name] but put it in a spinach wrap instead of having it just as a salad. It is so good. Rocket, romaine, smoked salmon [which is listed as 'sustainable'], brocolli, red onions, sunflower seeds and balsamic vinaigrette. Yum! It also normally has beetroot and cherry tomatoes in it but I switch them out for shredded carrot and cucumber. I love it so much. And it's so big! So it really fills you up even though it's so healthy. I normally feel that healthy things always leave you feeling unsatisfied and wanting more but this fills you up for ages and I'm always satisfied after it. 

As well as salad and wraps, they also do warm quinoa bowls, allow you to create your own wrap/salad, grab & go salads that are available in the fridge, yoghurt and muesli, drinks, smoothies and pastries. Pretty good all-rounder place!

Anyone in Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and Tokyo should definitely check this place out!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Should women's behaviour be regulated during pregnancy?

I'm back in Singapore!

I'm really feeling the heat this time. And the jet lag! I've been sleeping so badly because I keep waking up at 3-4am and not being able to get back to sleep. Thankfully my dad is back now and has brought his magical sleeping pills with him so I've been sleeping better thanks to them. The heat though - oh my goodness. I've been so hot that it's really hard to get ready because I'm so sweaty so all my makeup is just running off! And I can only sleep with a tiny sheet on when I'm normally fine sleeping under a normal duvet. 

But anyway... on to more serious matters!
My latest opinion piece for Affairs Today is up! It was actually up 10 days ago but I haven't managed to put it up here until now.. sorry!
It's about whether women should be regulated during their pregnancy or not in terms of what they do i.e. smoking, drinking.

Let me know what you think and what your thoughts are on this topic!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Pesto Lasagne!

I'm done with exams! And I'm off to Singapore in a few days! So life is good right now :)
I've basically been spending time outside in the sun because it's really nice weather in the UK right now. So the day after my exam, I spent practically the whole day outside in a beer garden with Ashleigh, Carmen and Justice. I might have gotten a little sunburnt on the small of my back... but it was gone the next day! I also had a picnic in a park yesterday with my sister and her husband which was really nice :)

On a more food related note, I made this really yummy lasagne last night. It was a pesto based one with loads of parmesan on top.

It's a BBC Good Food recipe and it's really easy to make! You just mix/melt all the ingredients together [mascarpone cheese, pesto, vegetable stock, spinach and peas] and layer it with the pasta and then mix the remaining mascarpone cheese and milk together to make a 'white sauce' then sprinkle loads of parmesan on top! So easy! And it's a good way to get some greens into your day! Only tough thing about it, is waiting for it to cook in the oven for half an hour.

Let me know if you try it and what you think of it!

Monday, 9 May 2016

The Shouting Matches!

Just had my second exam and I am absolutely exhausted! I can actually feel my eyes drooping and it's only 8:22...
Exams just take it out of you! You're so nervous so you have all this adrenaline and then you're racing against the clock to write all you possibly can down in the time you have and you're writing constantly for 3 hours so your hand cramps and then as soon as it's done you just feel drained! All your adrenaline immediately goes and you just want to crawl into bed forever!

I'm having a break for tonight but I'm back at it early tomorrow because my last exam is Wednesday morning and it's my hardest one :/ 
My past 2 exams have been in the afternoon at 2 so I've still had half the day to revise but not this one! My hardest one and it's 2 days after another exam and early in the morning so I have no time to revise beforehand!
Not only that but all my other exams [and all normal exams] you get an hour for each exam question so 3 hours in total. But this exam it's 3 hours but you have to do 4 questions. That's only 45 minutes each! You barely have time to think! As soon as you read the question you're going to have to be writing in order to get an okay answer out in time! Plus my lecturer is such a harsh marker... Uh! Not looking forward to this one! But then I will be done :)

Anyway, enough of the moaning! Onto more exciting news! I have found my new favourite band/album thanks to some good old fashioned Facebook stalking!
One of my friends, Megan, was sharing song suggestions with her sister on Facebook and for some reason it came up on my newsfeed. Good thing it did though because I got my new obsession out of it!
It's not like I go around listening to all the music I see people talking about on Facebook, it's just that Megan and I have very similar music tastes so generally if she likes something I know I'm bound to like it so I give it a listen. And I absolutely loved it!

Grownass Man by The Shouting Matches! Give it a listen guys! 

It's kind of blues-like music and it is absolutely amazing. Anyone a fan of Bon Iver? Because [and I was surprised to find this out] one of the guys in this band is the singer, Justin Vernon, from Bon Iver! This CD is absolutely nothing like the rest of his music though but that's not a bad thing! It makes for such happy, relaxed listening. I absolutely adore it. It makes me smile :)

Also, Volcano Choir. Another band Justice Vernon is in! Who knew he was in so many bands?! I'm a big fan of Comrade by them :) Another steal from Megan and her sister...

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Chicken Parmesan and Roasted Brocolli!

I absolutely adore this chicken recipe! And the roasted brocolli goes so well with it. Some pasta would go nicely with it as well though... 

I changed the zucchini in the recipe to brocolli cause I'm not a massive zucchini fan... but the brocolli worked really well! It tasted so good with the garlic powder and salt. I added a bit of parmesan in as well which made it even better! I also didn't add the tomato sauce on top of the chicken before I added the mozzarella. I just wasn't really in the mood for it! But I don't think it took away form the chicken at all! It was still so moist inside and had a nice cheesy crust around it.

Might try this next time with some pasta and tomato sauce or even leave off the mozzarella and have it with some mashed potatoes and biscuits and gravy... proper American style!

Let me know if you like this recipe!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Things I'm looking forward to in May!

It's May! The time of exams and revision... but also the time that it's getting closer and closer to summer and the weather is getting better and better!

Here are a list of things I'm looking forward to in May:

1) End of exams/the beginning of summer!

 As I said, May is the typical exam period and I am stuck right in the middle of my exams...

But I'll be done soon! I finish on the 11th May so my summer starts pretty early! I cannot wait. Revising everyday is exhausting. It doesn't seem like it would be because you're not really doing anything, just sitting there and reading/writing/remembering things but it is so tiring! And I am so over it. But this time next week I'll be done! So excited. And then it will be summer! Time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, relax, see friends and drink all the cider. I'm so excited.

2) Season 3 of Penny Dreadful!

This one has started already but still... I'm looking forward to more episodes!

This is one of my favourite shows. Season 2 finished a year ago and season 3 just started last week! It's name kind of gives away what it's about - penny dreadfuls. The classic Victorian books that created characters such as Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Gray. Those are just some of the characters that are in this tv show. It's a psychological thriller and it can get slightly scary but it is so good. The storyline's are so intricate and exciting and the acting is amazing. The cast is so good! Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Billie Piper, Rory Kinnear.... it's a really great cast! Looks like Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are going to make their appearance this season so it should be good!

3) Season 3 of Peaky Blinders!

Another TV show... Season 3 of Peaky Blinders starts back tonight! I cannot wait. This is one of my favourite shows.

Season 2 finished almost 2 years ago now so it's been a while since it's been on TV. It follows the Peaky Blinders - a criminal gang active in Birmingham in the late 19th century/early 20th century. Cillian Murphy is the main character in it and he is amazing. He always used to creep me out as an actor but he is so good in this! He is ruthless but you love him anyway. I cannot wait to watch the first episode and find out who he's getting married to [they left it on a cliff hanger]... It better be Grace!

4) Planning a holiday!

 My parents generously gave me money for my birthday to go towards a holiday for Ashleigh and I. We want to go away for a few days on a city break but because we've had exams we haven't really had time to plan it yet... As soon as exams are over we'll get to it though! We've got a few ideas - Poland, Geneva, Amsterdam... We'll see where we end up going! I think Geneva would be pretty gorgeous!

5) Going home!

And last but definitely not least, I get to go home! I've got my flights booked back to Singapore for the 18th May and I'm there for a month before I'm back in Glasgow with everyone for my graduation! Because I'll have finished uni this time I'll have literally no work to do when I'm there. It'll just be constant eating/spending time with the family/hanging out in the heat/cuddling Phoebe/going out with Jess! I can't wait!

What's everyone else looking forward to in May?

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cheesy Chicken Potato Chowder!

Basically the only reason I'm ever on Buzzfeed [other than doing the occasional random quiz] is to look at the food section and get new recipe ideas.

I can't remember what it was now, but I found a recipe that I liked from one of their articles, and the blog it came from originally was called Averie Cooks. After finding this one recipe that I liked, I ended up browsing through her blog for ages bookmarking recipe after recipe. She did a bunch of soup recipes that I fell in love with [I'm a big soupie] and I decided to make her recipe for loaded cheesey chicken potato chowder last night!

Now this pot is big. And it was filled to the top. This soup will last you for days, even with a big family to feed. The recipe says it yields about 10 cups but in my head that didn't seem a lot and I'm pretty sure it's more than 10 cups anyway. So even after dinner for Ashleigh and I last night, and for myself tonight, there's still like half the pot left. It's good though, so that's fine!

Despite the fact that we're getting close to summer and the weather should be heating up, Glasgow has decided to retreat back to winter days and it was snowing here a few days ago! It's therefore perfectly acceptable for me to be making big pots of heart-warming, filling potato chowder in May :) I love the big chunks of potato and chicken and the thick, cheesy sauce... yum, yum, yum it's so good!

I also think I'm starting to get sick - my throat has been killing me - so having a big pot of soup there to soothe my throat is an added bonus!