Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Post!

Belated Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope everyone had a great day and got spoilt rotten and ate loads of yummy food and drank loads of Christmas drinks and just had an amazing time in general! This is the obligatory Christmas post, telling everyone about the great time I had!

Should probably start off my post with my flight to Singapore seeing as thats when the Christmas presents started to arrive!

As you can see from that picture... I managed to get an upgrade! Not just one mind you, but two! I got upgraded for both legs of my flight! From Glasgow to Dubai and then from Dubai to Singapore. Because I fly to and from Singapore so much I thought it would be a good idea to get an Emirates card and I've had it for a while now. Its a great idea if you know you're going to be flying a lot because you rack up points which can get you free flights or upgrades, so anyone flying a lot with the same airline should definitely look into getting one of their members cards!
Anyway, because I have an Emirates card, I'm at the higher end of the list of people that could get upgraded if the flight is overbooked which it was in this case, so.... lucky me! I got upgraded! Not only is the food amazing in Business Class but the major thing about it is that you get a seat that can fold all the way down so you can lie flat which it makes it so much easier to sleep on long flights. As you can probably tell, I was a happy bunny and it was a great way to start off my Christmas break. 

We have a tradional family Christmas movie which we watch every year - Miracle on 34th Street (the newer one with Richard Attenborough in it, not the original). So thats what we did on Christmas Eve after church. We all snuggled up and watched the movie together. It was amazing, as per usual and it was a good way to try and calm the kids down before they had to go to sleep because they were so hyper! Obviously they were majorly excited about Santa coming!

I was expecting to be woken up at some ungodly hour on Christmas morning but I was actually the first one awake! I woke up and went downstairs to get a drink, expecting to run into Faith and John on my way but I peeked into their rooms and they were still fast asleep! As I snuck downstairs I took a picture of the living room - Santa had definitely come! I was very pleased with my pile of presents.

My main presents were my Apple TV Box and my wireless keyboard. I will most certainly be using those all the time when I'm back in Glasgow! I also got two boxes of bath bombs from my Aunt and Uncle so I'll be having loads of nicely coloured and smelly, bubbly baths! Basically all of my stocking fillers were beauty related. I got heart shaped bath beads from Sephora, eye-make-up remover and nail varnish remover from Sephora, a Sephora 'Perfect Night Out' eye set which includes black pencil eyeliner, gold liquid eyeliner and black volume mascara, a waterproof mascara from Sephora, and three OPI nail varnishes; one in a deep pink colour, one in a very dark purple called 'Lincoln Park After Dark' and one in a light brown colour called 'You Don't Know Jacques!' I also got a Clarisonic set which included a deep pore brush head and faciail sonic cleansing machine, deep pore daily cleanser and a decongesting clay mask. I've used it already and its really good for your skin! I also got vanilla creme brulee scrub and body lotion from the Body Shop and it smells amazing. I could eat it, it smells so good! 

I also got loads of really nice clothes! I got these two midi skirts and cropped jumper sets in black and grey from Missguided...

.... this red checked dress and grey fitted jumper dress from Missguided (both of which were on my Christmas wish list)....

.... and this gold and pink leopard print combo outfit and black and white shorts and jacket combo from Missguided. 

I also got a gold and black leopard print dress, a black playsuit and a green and black skirt from Urban Outfitters which I picked out for myself. I think the dress is going to be my New Years Eve dress!

I got this green jumper from American Eagle and maroon boots from Public Desire from my sister, Megan. I love them! I got two lipsticks from my other sister, Colleen but I don't have pictures of them on yet so I'll make another post about those soon!

The day started off on a strong note with a Christmas cocktail made by my mum.... She filled the entire bottom dipped section with gin and then the tiny top part of the glass was a 50/50 mixture of champage and cranberry juice. It took me ages to drink because it was so strong! The playsuit that I'm wearing in the picture with my mum was another Christmas present - its from Urban Outfitters as well.  Whilst sipping on our cocktails, we watched Frozen with the kids.

And who could forget Christmas dinner. Probably the best part of the day. My dad did it all himself! I helped by setting the table (look how pretty it looks) and making the starter which was salmon roulade (salmon with cream cheese inside), on a bed of lettuce. The main part of dinner was the best though. Turket, stuffing, pigs in blankets, carrots, green beans, roast potatoes, parsnips, brussels sprouts with bacon bits, cranberry sauce and lots of gravy... mmmmmmm. It was amazing.

After the kids were in bed, me and my parents settled down and watched White Christmas. A Christmas-y classic to finish off the day with. Even though my older sisters weren't here this year it was still a great day.

What did everyone else do for Christmas? What presents did you get? What was our favourite part of the day? Would love to hear from you!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cappuccino Fudge Cheesecake!

I just want to start off by saying... I'm done with exams!! Yaaaay! I'm officially on Christmas holidays. Woo!
Anyway, on to the point of this blog post. I was down in Edenbridge a few weekends ago, visiting my sister and her fiance. Her future in-laws were coming over for dinner on the Sunday for a roast and I was in charge of dessert, so I decided to make a cappuccino fudge cheesecake. Its a pretty decadent dessert and it takes a while to make so this is definitely something you would only make on special occassions. However it is definitely worth it cause it looks really impressive and it tastes so good. Its ridiculously rich so you only need a tiny slice, but that slice will be so good. I guarantee it.

There are so many different stages to  this dessert, but the first one is to make the biscuit base and then the chocolate layer. You have to let it cool for a wbile till the chocolate layer has solidified. 

Next you have to make the filling which has loads of different ingredients in it, and pour it on top of the chocolate ganache. Put the cheesecake into the oven for an hour until it looks like......

..... this!

And now onto the topping! This part only has 3 ingredients in it so its not that much work.

Pour it on top of the cheesecake and put it back into the oven for 10-15 minutes until the topping has set.

 And voila! The finished product. Its pretty big and like I said, its so rich that you only need a tiny slice so this will last you for ages. The recipe calls for you to reserve some of the chocolate ganache to decorate the top of the cheesecake with but I couldn't be bothered to do that and I knew it wouldn't look as good as the pictures in the recipe so what was the point? Well, that was my thinking.

Look how pretty it looks! I love that you can clearly see the different layers. I was so impressed with myself when I made this, if I do say so myself! Its a good dessert to make if you're looking to impress someone with your culinary skills.

Anyone looking to make this really yummy, rich, chocolately mocha flavoured cheesecake, here is the recipe:

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Lemon Ricotta Chicken Parmesan!

Despite the fact that in my previous post I talked about the hassle of coating things in egg and then breadcrumbs/flour etc. I made another meal that required just that. I call it procastinating cooking. When I have stuff to do I make dinners that require more stages/effort so then I still feel like I'm being productive even though I'm not actually doing work... Its a bad habit. Although actually revision went really well today!
Anyway, tonight I made a really yummy dish. It was soo good. Although it was unbelievably filling and I made too much pasta so I couldn't finish it all :/ Oops.

First of all you coat the chicken in egg then breadcrumbs then fry it till both sides are crispy. 

Next, you cover it in ricotta cheese, followed by mozzarella. Look at all that cheese piled up.... Yummmm. Put it in the oven for 25 minutes till all the cheese is melted and the chicken is cooked through.

 The sauce for the pasta was really easy to make and super yummy. Butter, garlic, flour, chicken stock, parmesan cheese and lemon juice. Did you know that garlic frying in butter is like, the best smell ever? Cause it is. Also, thats 3 types of cheese in this dish. Ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan. Yummy. This is definitely a meal for cheese lovers. You could definitely mix it up and put whatever cheese you wanted on the chicken or in the sauce. Blue cheese on the chicken might be really good...

Pour the sauce over the pasta and mix it all together and you're done! All you have to do is plate it.

It may not be the prettiest meal to look at, but boy is it good. So cheesy and crispy and then the pasta and the sauce is just so good. I think this is a new favourite of mine. I'll definitely have to make this again when Ashleigh gets back. - there's the link for anyone who wants to try this recipe out

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken!

So like I said in my last post, I am really behind on my blogging. I have so many meals to write about that I just haven't gotten around to doing! I hate exam time. It totally sucks the fun out of everything. I'm not even feeling in a Christmas-y mood yet because I'm just so focused on exams and to top it off, I've been finding it really hard to get to sleep recently because of revision. My brain is so switched on because of it that it starts thinking about different things and I can't get it to stop doing it and it just keeps me awake. I have an exam (labour law) on Friday and I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before it! I was so exhausted, I was actually falling asleep during the exam. But despite that I think it went well (fingers crossed). I can never tell with these exams. Sometimes I come out thinking "I have definitely failed that.." and I manage to pass and other times I come out feeling so confident and thinking that its gone so well and I end up just manging to pass. So we'll see in January/February how I've actually done. One more exam to revise for (International Private Law on Thursday) and then I'm getting my nails done and going out for a Christmas lunch on Friday with Ashleigh and Carmen and then its off to Singapore on Saturday! I think when I'm home its going to finally feel like Christmas. Although this is the first Christmas that my older sisters won't be there :( Sad times. They're both spending their Christmas' with their husband/fiance so it's fair enough but its going to be sad sleeping alone cause I normally always share a bedroom with them during the holidays. The house is going to feel so empty on Christmas day! But I'm sure everyone will still have a great day!

Anyway, to get back on track - I made baked sweet and sour chicken a few nights ago. My stomach is actually rumbling thinking about it. It was really good.

To start off you have to cover the chicken pieces in cornflour and then dip them in egg and then pan fry them. I always find it so much of a hassle coating stuff in flour/cornflour and then egg because its all messy and there are so many different plates/bowls that you have to use which you then have to end up washing... but to be fair, it is worth it because you get that crispy skin around the chicken which adds a little something extra to it and you're not just left with boring chicken pieces.

You then have to make the sauce. I was expecting that you'd had to do it in a saucepan but of course it goes into the oven for 50 minutes so there's no need. You just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and then pour over the chicken pieces. Although the sauce was really yummy, it was missing the tangyness that sweet and sour sauces normally have - that wasn't anything to do with the recipe though, that was just because I didn't have apple cider vinegar, I only had apple juice so I used that instead. It was still really good though! It would have been even better if I had had the right ingredients, of course.

And then lastly you put the dish into the oven for 50 minutes, making sure to turn the chicken pieces every 15 minutes so all the sides get all covered in the yummy sauce.

This was a really good dish and I highly recommend that you try it out! You should definitely pair it with the egg fried rice that I've blogged about previously because that would be a great combination! I only had it with plain rice this time. Although you have to go through the extra hassle of coating the chicken pieces and then it has to go into the oven for quite a while, I really think that its worth it. Ashleigh and I both really enjoyed it so I'll definitely be making it again. There's the link to the recipe if anyone else wants to give it a go!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

One Pot Mac and Cheese Chilli!

After writing a few deep and meaningful posts, I'm behind on my cooking ones. I've actually not written up quite a lot of the meals I've made but I'll get round to doing that eventually.. I've got exams coming up in the next two weeks though so I might be pretty busy :/ But then its back to Singapore for Christmas! Yay!

Last night I made a really warming pot of chilli but with a twist. Ashleigh has teased me before about how I always make the pasta equivalent of everything and this meal was no exception. I made a recipe I found that added mac and cheese to a normal chilli recipe. Basically you just add pasta and chicken stock to cook the pasta in and a bunch of cheese at the end. I'm a massive fan of carbs, can't you tell?

 What makes this a really easy recipe is that you cook everything in one pot (or in my case, a wok). Normally you have to boil the pasta in a different pot and then add it in at the end but not with this recipe! It just makes it so much faster and less washing up has to be done at the end!

 Look at all that cheese! The recipe calls for 3/4 cup of cheddar but I'm pretty sure I added quite a bit more than that... plus we had some fiery red cheese in the fridge to use up so I added that in as well, as you can probably tell from the different colours.

After the cheese has all melted in, it just makes the pasta all gooey and thick and yummy... just the kind of warming meal you need when its cold and rainy outside and you're not feeling too great!

Its that time of the year when everyone is getting cold's and its getting grey and wet and miserable outside and all you want to do is curl up under a blanket and watch Disney movies (which is currently what I'm doing if anyone wants to know... Mulan to be precise). And nothing goes better with that then a nice cup of tea or a warm bowl of something that has loads of carbs in it. Studies have shown that when it gets to the winter months, people crave filling foods that tend to have a lot of carbs in them e.g. pasta, cheese, stews, mashed potatotes. This is probably to do with the fact that in order to get through the drop in temperature we need to up our internal body temperature and therefore we go for foods that will warm us quickly and will put an extra layer of body fat on us.

If anyone wants to try this yummy recipe and gain some of those extra winter pounds, here is the link to it:

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

For the Girls Wounded by the Boys Who Won't Commit

Its bound to happen in your life. God knows its happened a few times in mine and I'm not even 21 yet. Its part of growing up and therefore part of your learning process and it sucks so badly but I guess its necessary because it helps you to distinguish between the immature idiots and the ones who are actually worth your time and effort. I'm not at that point yet. I probably won't be for a while but I'll get there. And so will you.
This post is mainly for girls, not that it doesn't apply to guys as well but obviously I'm writing from my own perspective and therefore from the perspective of a female.

If its not happened to you yet it probably will do. Its just one of those stages in life that you have to go through. You'll end up falling for someone who doesn't want to commit. Maybe you'll know that beforehand but you're so convinced that he'll end up falling for you as much as you've fallen for him that you convince yourself that he'll/she'll change their mind. Or maybe you won't know it beforehand and you'll find it out much further down the line when its too late and you're in too deep. That's the worst one. That one kills you. I've happened to have experienced both, more recently the former. 

For the relationship where they won't commit and you have no idea that that is the case until its too late, there's nothing that can be done about that. You can't see that coming and it will hit you like a train when it does. But for the guy who tells you upfront that they 'don't want a relationship right now' or words to that effect, please do not convince yourself that you are the one girl that will change his mindset. Because you're not. That's not me being harsh because I've been there and I've thought that, very recently in fact, its just that it doesn't happen. Just because you've made someone your world, doesn't mean they've made you theirs. If they don't want a relationship it means they want to be able to do what they're doing with you, with plenty of other girls as well and not have to feel guilty about it. You are not the exception. You are not the one that is going to make them turn around and go 'oh I've been wrong all along, this girl is amazing and is exactly what I want in life'. No one is going to make them change their mind other than themselves. And maybe they'll get to that point eventually but it will be long after they've left you behind and left you thinking 'silly girl, what made you think the boy who doesn't care about anything would care about you?'
Not only does this type of relationship leave you feeling broken hearted, but it also absolutely kills your feelings of self-worth. You start to question whats wrong with yourself and why no one wants to be with you and you come to the conclusion that it must be because you're not good enough. But thats not it at all. The only thing wrong with you is that you fell for the wrong person. Its all on them. Its their issue that they have to fix, its got nothing to do with you. You didn't do anything wrong and there is nothing wrong with you. You deserve someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life.

So for all those people out there (including me) who have found themselves in this kind of situation: stop wanting someone that doesn't want you back - you're wasting your time, love. And for all those people who won't commit to someone who so clearly would do anything in the world for you: (on a very personal level) fuck you, I was worth it and fuck you for making me think for the slightest second that I wasn't.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Michael Brown, Ferguson and Darren Wilson Part 2

Here's my second post regarding the death of Michael Brown. I realised after I posted the first one that I had a lot more to write and a lot more information surrounding the suspicious circumstances of the case. I took screen shots to show what was actually said. I should have done that with the first post but it didn't even cross my mind, sorry!

First of all, the forensic photographer didn't take photographs of the crime scene - they relied on photographs taken by the police.
The battery in his camera died..... what? A trained forensic photographer does not carry spare batteries or does not think it necessary to go and get some spare batteries so he can actually do his job and take photographs of the crime scene for evidence?

Secondly, with regards to the 'threat' posed to Darren Wilson - I have some thoughts on that.
He says he felt like a 5 year old fighting with Hulk Hogan, however....

They are both the same height. Both Michael Brown and Darren Wilson are 6'4''. And the difference in their weight is only about 30Lbs. Do you really think that a grown man, an armed police officer, would really feel like a 5 year old compared to a 19 year old of the same height and roughly the same weight? I personally think that there is some exaggeration going on there. 
Also, he states that he was hit so hard that another blow would be "fatal".
You'd think punches of such force would leave some pretty serious injuries, wouldn't you?
That is the extent of his injuries. That is it. A small bruise on the right side of his face. It was so minimal that even the police officers had to ask him where his injuries were.
Hospital records for Darren Wilson state that he was "well-appearing, well-nourished, in no apparent distress" and he had "no bleeding, no laceration, no ecchymosis [bruises]". Doesn't really fit the description that he gave of what happened. In Tennessee v. Gardner it was stated that the use of deadly force is justified only under conditions of extreme necessity as a last resort, when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed, such as when an officer is at risk of serious bodily harm or death. Even by previous US case law, Darren Wilson's use of lethal force shouldn't have been allowed! As shown by his injuries (or lack of), I genuinely don't believe that Darren Wilson was under enough of a threat to warrent him shooting Michael Brown enough times to ensure his death.
Also, I don't really understand how Brown was able to hit Wilson on the right side of his face, with his right hand, from standing on his left. For those of you who don't know, the drivers set in American cars is on the left hand side. So Brown is standing on the left of Darren Wilson but manages to use his right hand, to hit Wilson on the right side of his face. I don't really understand how that can happen? It seems like a very awkward angle to me.
Furthermore, Wilson states that Brown twists the gun that Wilson is holding back into his pelvis and yet he has no wrist injuries.
I think that if I was holding something and someone twisted my hand so that it was pointing back at myself I would have some injuries or bruising around my wrist, but apparently not in this case. Also, I cannot find any evidence saying that Brown's fingerprints were found on the gun.

Lastly, I have some points about the way the evidence was handled.
He drives himself back to the police station. For someone who has just killed someone and is therefore under investigation, he should not be left alone to drive himself back to the station. Secondly, 
He washes the blood from his hands!! A trained police officer, taught about preserving evidence washed some of the most crucial evidence off his hands.... How is no one finding this strange?
And lastly, he bags his own gun.
I don't think normal people under investigation are allowed to handle their own evidence so why was Darren Wilson?

After all this evidence, its even more shocking how they managed not to indict him. Its crazy. I just don't understand it. 

I hope that these posts have informed people if they hadn't heard about what was going on or didn't know much about it. But don't just take my word for it, go and do your own research if you want to!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Michael Brown, Ferguson and Darren Wilson

Welcome to America, the land of the free. More like - Welcome to America, where a woman who aborts a fetus is considered a murderer but a white man who shoots an unarmed black child is not.

After the disappointing verdict by the Grand Jury not to indict Darren Wilson over his murder of Michael Brown, I read the full grand jury report including all the witness statements, autopsy report, toxicology report etc. After having read all that I'm even more confused by how they managed to come to the verdict that Darren Wilson was innocent.

I'm not wanting to offend anyone by this post and I know that not everyone will agree with me on my views but this is my opinion and the conclusion that I have come to after reading all the facts of the case and I just wanted to share it as I, among many others, am outraged at the judgment of the court.

First of all, the medical examiner on the case wrote a letter to the assistant prosecutor stating that "I have not yet been permitted to have access to requested police crime scene photographs and reports, to the results of the forensic examination of the patrol car, to the Christian Hospital EMS report of Mr. Brown and the emergency room examination of Officer Wilson, to the ballistics information, to the results of the autopsy hand swabs and fingernail clipping examinations, and to witness statements..... the above requested information is the usual information obtained to be able to correlate the autopsy findings with other information that is neccessary to permit full medical evaluation of deaths such as that of Mr. Brown." How is it possible that the grand jury managed to even reach a conclusion, let alone a decision not to indict, without even having a full medical evaluation taken place? Does it not seem strange that all this information was barred from reaching the medical examiner?

Secondly, the witness statements completely contradict what Darren Wilson said took place. I'm going to quote sections from the witness statements to give a brief overview of what was said, but I'm going to post the link to the report at the end of this post so everyone can read it themselves and get a full overview and come to their own conclusions. One of the witnesses states that "I see the police care in the middle of the street. And I see a young man standin'.... next to the front of the police door, on the driver's side.... Now the shot was fired out of the window, and then...Michael was runnin' down the street and Darren is chasing him... So, at that point, I turn, go to the next window...And at this time, I heard another shot fired while they were running. After that, he then turn, had his hands in the air, by the time I saw him have his hands in the air, he got shot I heard two shots... And he dropped down... So that's why I did not see him move towards the police at any time."
Another witness (I'm going to paraphrase what was said because there was a lot of back and forth questions and answers and it would be too much to write down, but like I said, I'll post the link below so you can read it for yourself) said that she saw Darren Wilson grab Michael Brown by the shirt and by the neck from his car, and saw Michael Brown struggling to get away and then she saw Darren Wilson point the gun out of the window and shoot. She never saw Brown's hands go into the car (which is what Darren Wilson said happened), and the fact that she saw Wilson point his gun purposefully out of the window goes against his statement that the gun was discharged after Brown tried to grab it. Furthermore, Wilson stated that he was punched in the face repeatedly, but I've seen the pictures of his injuries and he has a slight red mark on the bottom side of his face and that is it. It's barely noticeable. I wouldn't say it looks like the kind of injury you would expect after someone has supposedly been punched repeatedly. Michael Brown then starts to slowly run away because he's already been hit and Darren Wilson starts to chase him. He stops running cause he realises that Darren Wilson is right behind him and he turns around and puts his hands up (something Wilson denies) and is then shot a couple more times and when he is on the floor he is shot from above. I just want to say that with the first witness statement, after he is shot and falls onto the floor she runs to get her phone and runs out of her house to video what is going on so she didn't see him standing over Michael Brown and shooting from above. The autopsy report appears to correlate with this statement as well as one of the bullet entrance routes is through the "vertex of the scalp", meaning that it could only have been done from above as you cannot shoot someone through the top of their head (as in through the top of their scalp) if you're standing opposite them. 

As with all witness acounts, there is the possibility that they could by lying. But then again, there is also the possibility that the defendant is lying. And who has more to lose in this case? The witnesses, neither of whom knew Brown and therefore had no personal connection to him or his family and so it would seem strange that they would lie to bring his killer to justice, or the police officer who is facing a murder charge and is trying to prove his innocence. Furthermore, one of the witnesses has been in trouble with the police before and repeated several times in her statement that she would not risk being taken away from her family and going to jail by lying about what she has seen and that she doesn't even want to be testifying as she knows that they are going to make her out to be a liar, but she thought that she would do the right thing by giving her account.

If what Darren Wilson says is true, that he shot Michael Brown because he was running towards him and he felt threatened, why was it necessary to shoot to kill. He was shot 6 times. If you're shooting someone to stop them, you don't shoot multiple times and then stand over them and shoot them through the head. That is purposefuly shooting to kill. That is not what a police officer is meant to do. Lethal force is supposed to be a last resort.
There's many people saying that Michael Brown was a thief and that Darren Wilson was just doing his duty as a police officer by stopping a criminal. But the last time I checked, the penalty for stealing something was not the death penalty. No matter if he did steal something or not, he did not deserve to die because of it. There are so many 19 year old kids who do stupid stuff like steal cigarette papers from convenience stores, but they don't get killed because of it. I believe this is about race. This is a race issue.

For many people stating that Darren Wilson had no choice, and it was necessary for him to shoot Michael Brown, a 45 year old white man from San Diego was taken into custody alive in September after brandishing a gun and waving it around in a public park which contained many children. The police spent half an hour talking to him before shooting him once to subdue him, and then took him in to custody. That is what police should do. Remain calm and handle the situation in a professional manner and using their gun as a last resort to disable a potential threat, not shooting to kill an unarmed 19 year old who was accused of stealing something worth about $5. The discrepancy between the actions of the police in these two cases is crazy and shows the race problems that are still alive and thriving in the world.

Although there is a wider issue with this case in terms of the race problems and the actions of the police force, in particular to their actions towards black people, the main thing is that a 19 year old boy lost his life, and a mother lost her child. My thoughts go out to Brown's family and the people of Ferguson.

RIP Michael Brown.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Cheese and Wine Night!

Ashleigh and I were classy students last night and hosted a wine and cheese night at our flat. It was pretty sad how excited we were. We cleaned the flat from top to bottom (well, its only one floor but you know what I mean) in the morning whilst Christmas music was playing and then went to Morrisons and bought £40 worth of cheese... we really did go all out!

We bought loads of different cheese's: edam, cheddar, stilton, wensleydale, wensleydale with cranberries, Dutch smoked cheese, brie, mexicana cheese, boursin... We bought this toffee apple cheese and it tasted identical to caramel. It was so strange but so yummy. And of course we got loads of crackers. Unsurprisingly enough we have quite a bit left over. Lots of cheese and crackers for us over the next week!

There's a snapshot of some of the cheese/crackers. Looks yummy, huh? I also made fondu for the evening and we got breadsticks so everyone could dip them into it. The mozarella that I melted into it made it so gooey and thick, it was so yummy.
Giving the nature of the evening, we of course had to set out the living room to make it look all fancy and cosy and ready for a girly night of wine and cheese.

You can't tell from the picture cause this was before people showed up, but the wine rack was filled with bottles of wine.
It looks so good, doesn't it?! We were pretty proud of ourselves. We were so excited that we got it all ready a good half an hour before people were due to show up so we sat around waiting like someone anxiously waiting for their date to show up and hoping that they wouldn't be stood up.

I also got to burn my cinnamon candle that I got last Christmas so the flat smelt all nice and Christmas-y :)

I highly recommend hosting a wine and cheese evening for you and your friends! It was so much fun to get the flat all cleaned and set up and to have friends over and show them how much effort we put into the night! It lead to a really fun and chilled out night - although the wine probably had quite a lot to do with that!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Christmas Wish List! Missguided and LimeCrime!

I'm feeling so Christmas-y! I woke up this morning and went online to Firebox (best site ever by the way) and bought Christmas presents for everyone. They have such quirky, individual gifts that you wouldn't even have thought about buying and some of them aren't too pricy either! For example, The Artisan Cheese Maker's Kit and it was only £25!

Anyway, I managed to buy a gift for everyone. I'm so organised, I know. It's cause I have exams coming up rapidly and I know I won't be able to go into town and search around for ages for gifts, so its so much easier and quicker to just do it online and I don't need to worry about that anymore so I can focus on my studying!

After buying my gifts for everyone else I moved on to my own Christmas wish list... basically just browsed through Missguided for a while and sent a few links to my mother in the hope that she gets them for me. Fingers crossed!

I thought I would share my wish list with you guys to perhaps give you some ideas of what you want/want to get people and just to show you the kind of clothes that I'm into.

Wenna Floral Plunge Dress in Cream - a 3/4 length sleeve dress in cream with pink floral hues 

Reed Boxy Grid Check Shift Dress in Navy - a really casual but chic dress with its rolled sleeves and big pockets and its only £19

Perrine Jacquard Cable Look Bodycon Dress in Grey - this is a great dress for Glasgow. A really casual, warm winter-looking dress and again, its only £19

Bonnie Chiffon Overlay T-Shirt Dress in Blue/Yellow Check - I am really getting into tartan patterns recently (I'll be posting another blog post soon showing you my red tartan leggings) and I love this dress cause it looks so grungy but chic

Micah Long Sleeve Flippy Skater Dress in Red/Black Check - I love this dress because its fitted with a little feminine flare at the bottom 

Catrin Short Sleeved Shift Dress in an Abstract Multi Print - as well as loving tartan prints at the moment, I'm also loving shift dresses and this dress is amazing because of the pattern. And its only £15!

As well as my multiple Missguided requests, I also really want the Babette Unicorn Lipstick from LimeCrime.
Its a really nice pinky-nude shade and although its pretty pricey at £18, I have a couple of LimeCrime products and they are amazing so they are definitely worth the money.

I am really, really hoping my mum likes these dresses cause if she doesn't she won't get them for me :( So fingers crossed guys!
What are you guys wanting for Christmas? Tell me your ideas!