Cheese and Wine Night!

Ashleigh and I were classy students last night and hosted a wine and cheese night at our flat. It was pretty sad how excited we were. We cleaned the flat from top to bottom (well, its only one floor but you know what I mean) in the morning whilst Christmas music was playing and then went to Morrisons and bought £40 worth of cheese... we really did go all out!

We bought loads of different cheese's: edam, cheddar, stilton, wensleydale, wensleydale with cranberries, Dutch smoked cheese, brie, mexicana cheese, boursin... We bought this toffee apple cheese and it tasted identical to caramel. It was so strange but so yummy. And of course we got loads of crackers. Unsurprisingly enough we have quite a bit left over. Lots of cheese and crackers for us over the next week!

There's a snapshot of some of the cheese/crackers. Looks yummy, huh? I also made fondu for the evening and we got breadsticks so everyone could dip them into it. The mozarella that I melted into it made it so gooey and thick, it was so yummy.
Giving the nature of the evening, we of course had to set out the living room to make it look all fancy and cosy and ready for a girly night of wine and cheese.

You can't tell from the picture cause this was before people showed up, but the wine rack was filled with bottles of wine.
It looks so good, doesn't it?! We were pretty proud of ourselves. We were so excited that we got it all ready a good half an hour before people were due to show up so we sat around waiting like someone anxiously waiting for their date to show up and hoping that they wouldn't be stood up.

I also got to burn my cinnamon candle that I got last Christmas so the flat smelt all nice and Christmas-y :)

I highly recommend hosting a wine and cheese evening for you and your friends! It was so much fun to get the flat all cleaned and set up and to have friends over and show them how much effort we put into the night! It lead to a really fun and chilled out night - although the wine probably had quite a lot to do with that!


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