Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk!

Another blog post, another meal I've made.
As I said on my last post, I'm wanting to get back into a healthier lifestyle and so have been looking at some low calorie meals. And I found this one - a chicken curry made with coconut milk that only comes to 160 calories a serving! And it tastes amazing as well. It smelt wonderful when I was cooking it but sometimes things can smell better than they taste, but no - this tasted as good as it smelt. I was whatsapping people as I was eating it just to let them know how good it was and what they were missing out on. Mean, I know.

I've realised that I don't always post the process of my cooking, I just post the end result so I thought I would show you what it looks like during my cooking process.

 This was at the beginning, when I was cooking the onions and the garlic and cutting the chicken up. The recipe calls for chicken thighs but I just used normal breast meat. You can see in the background there my hot chilli powder and garam masala. I don't have all the spices that you need for this recipe so I had to improvise a bit - basically just added a lot of chilli powder.

 There's an exciting picture of the chicken cooking with the onions and garlic and spices. It was smelling so good at this point. There's nothing better than the smell of cooking onions and garlic but add spices to that and it gives off the greatest aroma.

 And then of course the addition of the coconut milk. A pretty important ingredient seeing as it's in the name of the dish. The recipe called for one large tomato chopped up but I just used a tin of chopped tomatoes to make it easier and also to give it a bit more liquid. I also added more potatoes than the recipe called for because one just didn't look enough to me.

And above is the finished product. It was so good with some naan bread to mop up all the flavours that were in the sauce. And because the chicken and the potatoes cooked in the coconut milk, they just absorbed all that flavour.

So if anyone is looking for a healthy but tasty meal, I definitely recommend this one! It's easy to make as well and everything can be done in one pot so it really helps with the cleaning up process which is always an added bonus.


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