Christmas Wish List! Missguided and LimeCrime!

I'm feeling so Christmas-y! I woke up this morning and went online to Firebox (best site ever by the way) and bought Christmas presents for everyone. They have such quirky, individual gifts that you wouldn't even have thought about buying and some of them aren't too pricy either! For example, The Artisan Cheese Maker's Kit and it was only £25!

Anyway, I managed to buy a gift for everyone. I'm so organised, I know. It's cause I have exams coming up rapidly and I know I won't be able to go into town and search around for ages for gifts, so its so much easier and quicker to just do it online and I don't need to worry about that anymore so I can focus on my studying!

After buying my gifts for everyone else I moved on to my own Christmas wish list... basically just browsed through Missguided for a while and sent a few links to my mother in the hope that she gets them for me. Fingers crossed!

I thought I would share my wish list with you guys to perhaps give you some ideas of what you want/want to get people and just to show you the kind of clothes that I'm into.

Wenna Floral Plunge Dress in Cream - a 3/4 length sleeve dress in cream with pink floral hues 

Reed Boxy Grid Check Shift Dress in Navy - a really casual but chic dress with its rolled sleeves and big pockets and its only £19

Perrine Jacquard Cable Look Bodycon Dress in Grey - this is a great dress for Glasgow. A really casual, warm winter-looking dress and again, its only £19

Bonnie Chiffon Overlay T-Shirt Dress in Blue/Yellow Check - I am really getting into tartan patterns recently (I'll be posting another blog post soon showing you my red tartan leggings) and I love this dress cause it looks so grungy but chic

Micah Long Sleeve Flippy Skater Dress in Red/Black Check - I love this dress because its fitted with a little feminine flare at the bottom 

Catrin Short Sleeved Shift Dress in an Abstract Multi Print - as well as loving tartan prints at the moment, I'm also loving shift dresses and this dress is amazing because of the pattern. And its only £15!

As well as my multiple Missguided requests, I also really want the Babette Unicorn Lipstick from LimeCrime.
Its a really nice pinky-nude shade and although its pretty pricey at £18, I have a couple of LimeCrime products and they are amazing so they are definitely worth the money.

I am really, really hoping my mum likes these dresses cause if she doesn't she won't get them for me :( So fingers crossed guys!
What are you guys wanting for Christmas? Tell me your ideas!


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