Michael Brown, Ferguson and Darren Wilson Part 2

Here's my second post regarding the death of Michael Brown. I realised after I posted the first one that I had a lot more to write and a lot more information surrounding the suspicious circumstances of the case. I took screen shots to show what was actually said. I should have done that with the first post but it didn't even cross my mind, sorry!

First of all, the forensic photographer didn't take photographs of the crime scene - they relied on photographs taken by the police.
The battery in his camera died..... what? A trained forensic photographer does not carry spare batteries or does not think it necessary to go and get some spare batteries so he can actually do his job and take photographs of the crime scene for evidence?

Secondly, with regards to the 'threat' posed to Darren Wilson - I have some thoughts on that.
He says he felt like a 5 year old fighting with Hulk Hogan, however....

They are both the same height. Both Michael Brown and Darren Wilson are 6'4''. And the difference in their weight is only about 30Lbs. Do you really think that a grown man, an armed police officer, would really feel like a 5 year old compared to a 19 year old of the same height and roughly the same weight? I personally think that there is some exaggeration going on there. 
Also, he states that he was hit so hard that another blow would be "fatal".
You'd think punches of such force would leave some pretty serious injuries, wouldn't you?
That is the extent of his injuries. That is it. A small bruise on the right side of his face. It was so minimal that even the police officers had to ask him where his injuries were.
Hospital records for Darren Wilson state that he was "well-appearing, well-nourished, in no apparent distress" and he had "no bleeding, no laceration, no ecchymosis [bruises]". Doesn't really fit the description that he gave of what happened. In Tennessee v. Gardner it was stated that the use of deadly force is justified only under conditions of extreme necessity as a last resort, when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed, such as when an officer is at risk of serious bodily harm or death. Even by previous US case law, Darren Wilson's use of lethal force shouldn't have been allowed! As shown by his injuries (or lack of), I genuinely don't believe that Darren Wilson was under enough of a threat to warrent him shooting Michael Brown enough times to ensure his death.
Also, I don't really understand how Brown was able to hit Wilson on the right side of his face, with his right hand, from standing on his left. For those of you who don't know, the drivers set in American cars is on the left hand side. So Brown is standing on the left of Darren Wilson but manages to use his right hand, to hit Wilson on the right side of his face. I don't really understand how that can happen? It seems like a very awkward angle to me.
Furthermore, Wilson states that Brown twists the gun that Wilson is holding back into his pelvis and yet he has no wrist injuries.
I think that if I was holding something and someone twisted my hand so that it was pointing back at myself I would have some injuries or bruising around my wrist, but apparently not in this case. Also, I cannot find any evidence saying that Brown's fingerprints were found on the gun.

Lastly, I have some points about the way the evidence was handled.
He drives himself back to the police station. For someone who has just killed someone and is therefore under investigation, he should not be left alone to drive himself back to the station. Secondly, 
He washes the blood from his hands!! A trained police officer, taught about preserving evidence washed some of the most crucial evidence off his hands.... How is no one finding this strange?
And lastly, he bags his own gun.
I don't think normal people under investigation are allowed to handle their own evidence so why was Darren Wilson?

After all this evidence, its even more shocking how they managed not to indict him. Its crazy. I just don't understand it. 

I hope that these posts have informed people if they hadn't heard about what was going on or didn't know much about it. But don't just take my word for it, go and do your own research if you want to!


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