Asian Honey Chicken with Flavourful Fried Rice!

First of all I want to boast about how productive I've been today. Well, I didn't actually start working till about 1 because Ashleigh and I were watching Gogglebox and then Life Story in bed, but after they were over then I was very productive!
My exams start in less than a month (ahhh?!) so I thought it would probably be time for me to sort out my lecture notes for Labour Law because they are a complete mess, and start writing my revision notes. And I managed to get through 3 topics! Yay! I don't feel as overwhelmed by Labour law now after looking through my notes cause I kind of have an idea about what's going on now. Thankfully.

Boasting over. Back to food.

I was majorly craving Chinese food a few days ago and instead of springing for a takeaway I thought, 'why not try making it yourself?' And so I did. I made Asian honey chicken, which is crispy chicken bits in a sweet and sticky sauce, alongside some fried rice. They were both amazing although the fried rice was my favourite, just because of how easy it was to make! Fry some garlic, put some frozen peas and carrots in there, crack some eggs, put some rice in and then a few drops of soy sauce and you're done! The chicken was also delicious but its a bit of a hassle to make on a regular occasion, whereas the rice is totally something I can just whip up one day if I'm hungry and I want something fast and easy.

Ashleigh said the rice tasted just like the fried rice that you normally get from Chinese takeaway places, so job accomplished! It was probably a lot healthier as well!

Asian Honey Chicken Recipe:

Fried Rice Recipe:

Stay tuned for a Christmas Wish List post! A post with all my fashion obsessions at the moment that I'll be subtly dropping hints about to my mum....


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