Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken!

So like I said in my last post, I am really behind on my blogging. I have so many meals to write about that I just haven't gotten around to doing! I hate exam time. It totally sucks the fun out of everything. I'm not even feeling in a Christmas-y mood yet because I'm just so focused on exams and to top it off, I've been finding it really hard to get to sleep recently because of revision. My brain is so switched on because of it that it starts thinking about different things and I can't get it to stop doing it and it just keeps me awake. I have an exam (labour law) on Friday and I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before it! I was so exhausted, I was actually falling asleep during the exam. But despite that I think it went well (fingers crossed). I can never tell with these exams. Sometimes I come out thinking "I have definitely failed that.." and I manage to pass and other times I come out feeling so confident and thinking that its gone so well and I end up just manging to pass. So we'll see in January/February how I've actually done. One more exam to revise for (International Private Law on Thursday) and then I'm getting my nails done and going out for a Christmas lunch on Friday with Ashleigh and Carmen and then its off to Singapore on Saturday! I think when I'm home its going to finally feel like Christmas. Although this is the first Christmas that my older sisters won't be there :( Sad times. They're both spending their Christmas' with their husband/fiance so it's fair enough but its going to be sad sleeping alone cause I normally always share a bedroom with them during the holidays. The house is going to feel so empty on Christmas day! But I'm sure everyone will still have a great day!

Anyway, to get back on track - I made baked sweet and sour chicken a few nights ago. My stomach is actually rumbling thinking about it. It was really good.

To start off you have to cover the chicken pieces in cornflour and then dip them in egg and then pan fry them. I always find it so much of a hassle coating stuff in flour/cornflour and then egg because its all messy and there are so many different plates/bowls that you have to use which you then have to end up washing... but to be fair, it is worth it because you get that crispy skin around the chicken which adds a little something extra to it and you're not just left with boring chicken pieces.

You then have to make the sauce. I was expecting that you'd had to do it in a saucepan but of course it goes into the oven for 50 minutes so there's no need. You just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and then pour over the chicken pieces. Although the sauce was really yummy, it was missing the tangyness that sweet and sour sauces normally have - that wasn't anything to do with the recipe though, that was just because I didn't have apple cider vinegar, I only had apple juice so I used that instead. It was still really good though! It would have been even better if I had had the right ingredients, of course.

And then lastly you put the dish into the oven for 50 minutes, making sure to turn the chicken pieces every 15 minutes so all the sides get all covered in the yummy sauce.

This was a really good dish and I highly recommend that you try it out! You should definitely pair it with the egg fried rice that I've blogged about previously because that would be a great combination! I only had it with plain rice this time. Although you have to go through the extra hassle of coating the chicken pieces and then it has to go into the oven for quite a while, I really think that its worth it. Ashleigh and I both really enjoyed it so I'll definitely be making it again. There's the link to the recipe if anyone else wants to give it a go!


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