One Pot Mac and Cheese Chilli!

After writing a few deep and meaningful posts, I'm behind on my cooking ones. I've actually not written up quite a lot of the meals I've made but I'll get round to doing that eventually.. I've got exams coming up in the next two weeks though so I might be pretty busy :/ But then its back to Singapore for Christmas! Yay!

Last night I made a really warming pot of chilli but with a twist. Ashleigh has teased me before about how I always make the pasta equivalent of everything and this meal was no exception. I made a recipe I found that added mac and cheese to a normal chilli recipe. Basically you just add pasta and chicken stock to cook the pasta in and a bunch of cheese at the end. I'm a massive fan of carbs, can't you tell?

 What makes this a really easy recipe is that you cook everything in one pot (or in my case, a wok). Normally you have to boil the pasta in a different pot and then add it in at the end but not with this recipe! It just makes it so much faster and less washing up has to be done at the end!

 Look at all that cheese! The recipe calls for 3/4 cup of cheddar but I'm pretty sure I added quite a bit more than that... plus we had some fiery red cheese in the fridge to use up so I added that in as well, as you can probably tell from the different colours.

After the cheese has all melted in, it just makes the pasta all gooey and thick and yummy... just the kind of warming meal you need when its cold and rainy outside and you're not feeling too great!

Its that time of the year when everyone is getting cold's and its getting grey and wet and miserable outside and all you want to do is curl up under a blanket and watch Disney movies (which is currently what I'm doing if anyone wants to know... Mulan to be precise). And nothing goes better with that then a nice cup of tea or a warm bowl of something that has loads of carbs in it. Studies have shown that when it gets to the winter months, people crave filling foods that tend to have a lot of carbs in them e.g. pasta, cheese, stews, mashed potatotes. This is probably to do with the fact that in order to get through the drop in temperature we need to up our internal body temperature and therefore we go for foods that will warm us quickly and will put an extra layer of body fat on us.

If anyone wants to try this yummy recipe and gain some of those extra winter pounds, here is the link to it:


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