Chicken Parmesan and Roasted Brocolli!

I absolutely adore this chicken recipe! And the roasted brocolli goes so well with it. Some pasta would go nicely with it as well though... 

I changed the zucchini in the recipe to brocolli cause I'm not a massive zucchini fan... but the brocolli worked really well! It tasted so good with the garlic powder and salt. I added a bit of parmesan in as well which made it even better! I also didn't add the tomato sauce on top of the chicken before I added the mozzarella. I just wasn't really in the mood for it! But I don't think it took away form the chicken at all! It was still so moist inside and had a nice cheesy crust around it.

Might try this next time with some pasta and tomato sauce or even leave off the mozzarella and have it with some mashed potatoes and biscuits and gravy... proper American style!

Let me know if you like this recipe!


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