Should women's behaviour be regulated during pregnancy?

I'm back in Singapore!

I'm really feeling the heat this time. And the jet lag! I've been sleeping so badly because I keep waking up at 3-4am and not being able to get back to sleep. Thankfully my dad is back now and has brought his magical sleeping pills with him so I've been sleeping better thanks to them. The heat though - oh my goodness. I've been so hot that it's really hard to get ready because I'm so sweaty so all my makeup is just running off! And I can only sleep with a tiny sheet on when I'm normally fine sleeping under a normal duvet. 

But anyway... on to more serious matters!
My latest opinion piece for Affairs Today is up! It was actually up 10 days ago but I haven't managed to put it up here until now.. sorry!
It's about whether women should be regulated during their pregnancy or not in terms of what they do i.e. smoking, drinking.

Let me know what you think and what your thoughts are on this topic!


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