Salad Stop! [Singapore]

I have found my new favourite place to eat in Singapore - SaladStop!

I think I'm actually addicted. My mum and I went there three times within the space of 5 days because I was hooked after the first time she took me. So hooked in fact that we actually talked about me getting a food truck and doing a similar thing in Glasgow but with soup and baked goods. So not as healthy but still... it would be cool!

This place is the first healthy food chain in Asia and they're really into providing nutritious and yummy food whilst staying environmentally conscious. But most importantly.. the food is really good! Well to be fair, I've only ever tried one thing but that's really tasty so I'm assuming everything else is as well!

I always get the 'Omega 3 Baby!' [yes the exclamation mark is included in the name] but put it in a spinach wrap instead of having it just as a salad. It is so good. Rocket, romaine, smoked salmon [which is listed as 'sustainable'], brocolli, red onions, sunflower seeds and balsamic vinaigrette. Yum! It also normally has beetroot and cherry tomatoes in it but I switch them out for shredded carrot and cucumber. I love it so much. And it's so big! So it really fills you up even though it's so healthy. I normally feel that healthy things always leave you feeling unsatisfied and wanting more but this fills you up for ages and I'm always satisfied after it. 

As well as salad and wraps, they also do warm quinoa bowls, allow you to create your own wrap/salad, grab & go salads that are available in the fridge, yoghurt and muesli, drinks, smoothies and pastries. Pretty good all-rounder place!

Anyone in Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and Tokyo should definitely check this place out!


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