The Shouting Matches!

Just had my second exam and I am absolutely exhausted! I can actually feel my eyes drooping and it's only 8:22...
Exams just take it out of you! You're so nervous so you have all this adrenaline and then you're racing against the clock to write all you possibly can down in the time you have and you're writing constantly for 3 hours so your hand cramps and then as soon as it's done you just feel drained! All your adrenaline immediately goes and you just want to crawl into bed forever!

I'm having a break for tonight but I'm back at it early tomorrow because my last exam is Wednesday morning and it's my hardest one :/ 
My past 2 exams have been in the afternoon at 2 so I've still had half the day to revise but not this one! My hardest one and it's 2 days after another exam and early in the morning so I have no time to revise beforehand!
Not only that but all my other exams [and all normal exams] you get an hour for each exam question so 3 hours in total. But this exam it's 3 hours but you have to do 4 questions. That's only 45 minutes each! You barely have time to think! As soon as you read the question you're going to have to be writing in order to get an okay answer out in time! Plus my lecturer is such a harsh marker... Uh! Not looking forward to this one! But then I will be done :)

Anyway, enough of the moaning! Onto more exciting news! I have found my new favourite band/album thanks to some good old fashioned Facebook stalking!
One of my friends, Megan, was sharing song suggestions with her sister on Facebook and for some reason it came up on my newsfeed. Good thing it did though because I got my new obsession out of it!
It's not like I go around listening to all the music I see people talking about on Facebook, it's just that Megan and I have very similar music tastes so generally if she likes something I know I'm bound to like it so I give it a listen. And I absolutely loved it!

Grownass Man by The Shouting Matches! Give it a listen guys! 

It's kind of blues-like music and it is absolutely amazing. Anyone a fan of Bon Iver? Because [and I was surprised to find this out] one of the guys in this band is the singer, Justin Vernon, from Bon Iver! This CD is absolutely nothing like the rest of his music though but that's not a bad thing! It makes for such happy, relaxed listening. I absolutely adore it. It makes me smile :)

Also, Volcano Choir. Another band Justice Vernon is in! Who knew he was in so many bands?! I'm a big fan of Comrade by them :) Another steal from Megan and her sister...


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