Cheesy Chicken Potato Chowder!

Basically the only reason I'm ever on Buzzfeed [other than doing the occasional random quiz] is to look at the food section and get new recipe ideas.

I can't remember what it was now, but I found a recipe that I liked from one of their articles, and the blog it came from originally was called Averie Cooks. After finding this one recipe that I liked, I ended up browsing through her blog for ages bookmarking recipe after recipe. She did a bunch of soup recipes that I fell in love with [I'm a big soupie] and I decided to make her recipe for loaded cheesey chicken potato chowder last night!

Now this pot is big. And it was filled to the top. This soup will last you for days, even with a big family to feed. The recipe says it yields about 10 cups but in my head that didn't seem a lot and I'm pretty sure it's more than 10 cups anyway. So even after dinner for Ashleigh and I last night, and for myself tonight, there's still like half the pot left. It's good though, so that's fine!

Despite the fact that we're getting close to summer and the weather should be heating up, Glasgow has decided to retreat back to winter days and it was snowing here a few days ago! It's therefore perfectly acceptable for me to be making big pots of heart-warming, filling potato chowder in May :) I love the big chunks of potato and chicken and the thick, cheesy sauce... yum, yum, yum it's so good!

I also think I'm starting to get sick - my throat has been killing me - so having a big pot of soup there to soothe my throat is an added bonus!


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