Hey guys!

I'm Toni [Antonia], a 22 year old law graduate from the University of Glasgow.

 Currently doing my Masters in Human Rights Law at Strathclyde University and once again, going through the stressful process of working out what I want to do once I enter the real world. Try my hand at journalism? Sticking with writing about human rights related topics, of course. Or perhaps work for a charity/organisation that deals with human rights related issues? Working for Amnesty International as a legal researcher would be the dream job. We'll see what happens!

I also write for an online newspaper called Affairs Today so a lot of my posts will be about the latest articles I've written for them. They'll be mostly news stories or opinion pieces because those are the kind of articles I'm interested in writing. I'm very into my current affairs!
I'm currently splitting my time between Glasgow and Singapore, where my family live, so don't be surprised if I'm writing about a place in Glasgow one day and then a place in Singapore the next!

I started this blog after my friend told me a few years ago that she had started one and I wanted to try it out. I fell in love with it and it turns out that it was very therapeutic for me [hence why it's called my 'journal'] so I kept on going and now I'm addicted! You'll find that most of my posts are about meals that I've eaten/cooked [I'm really into cooking and baking], places I've travelled to [which I can hopefully expand over the years], my latest posts for Affairs Today, of course, and just my everyday ramblings really!
Hope you like reading my posts

Would leave to hear from you, so drop me a comment if you want!


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