Total Food Day!

Yesterday was a total food day - I was in food heaven. 
I have a select few restaurants that I always want to eat at when I come back to Singapore and I managed to go to both of them yesterday!

First off I went to Wild Honey with my parents for brunch. I normally have the Corsican which is an omelette with feta and goats cheese inside, drizzled with lavender honey, but I decided to branch out this time and I went for the 'I love New York'. It was a great shout. Bagel with cream cheese and scrambled eggs with caramelised onions and smoked salmon. A-mazing. 

Next up was P.S Cafe with the girlies. We also go to the one in Paragon and all three of us [me, Jess and Milie] always end up getting this same past. However, we were at a different P.S Cafe last night [the one in Palais] and they had a slightly different menu which didn't include our pasta! Shock, horrow! I was pretty upset for a while there but I recovered when my meal came. I went for the lasagne. But this wasn't just any lasagne. This was the P.S Cafe 'Lulu's Leftover Lasagne'. [Sound a bit like the M&S food adverts?]

It was so good. It had broccoli and green beans and mange-touts in it with meatballs. It wasn't like a normal lasagne but it totally worked.

And of course, we got some truffle fries to share. I'm not a big fan of truffle oil but oh my goodness. On these fries it is amazing. They are slightly addictive. 

Sorry if this post made everyone hungry but I just had to share my amazing food experience yesterday! 


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