Hen Do!

I have been so neglectful with my blogging recently! It's so bad! And I've finished uni as well so I've literally had nothing to do so there's really no excuse...

But aaaanyway, it was my sisters hen do recently! It was lots of fun. Megan flew up from London on the Friday night and then the bride and all the bridesmaid went on a big shop to Asda to get all the alcohol and food.. there was sooo much! Saturday morning was pretty hectic setting everything up and preparing the food and getting ready before everyone arrived at 12. But we managed to get it all done!

Here are some pictures of the set up. As you can see, there was a looooot of alcohol. And the cupcakes were so cute! If you can count cupcakes with penis's on them as cute...

It was a really good day :) Everyone came over and we were drinking and eating and playing games and getting to know each other for a while so by the time we went to the Mansion House at 5 everyone was pretty well and truly drunk... We then had a cocktail making lesson at the Mansion House which was really fun and I must say, I was pretty good at it. The cocktail making class was followed by dinner which was pretty yummy and then a karaoke session.

We had been going for about 12 hours straight by that point and everyone was really tired so we went home after that but it was a really good day and Colleen had a great time :)

Here is a picture of the bride and then one of her with all her bridesmaids:


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