Happy New Year!

Happy (belated) New Year!

What did everyone do to celebrate the start of 2015? 
Mine started off pretty well and then went progressively downhill from 11pm onwards... We had family friends over for dinner and then my friend Jess came over and we joined in with the parents playing Taboo, which is really fun! You have to get your partner to guess the word on your card without saying the word itself or the 5 other words that are listed on the card, which is actually pretty hard! Anyway, Jess and I had bought tickets online for this 'party' in the Marina Bay Sands area to watch the fireworks so we set off at about 11 to get to this place in time for the countdown. 45 minutes later and we were sitting in a traffic jam, still not at our destination, and realising that we were probably going to spend the countdown, and indeed the start of 2015, sitting in the back of this taxi. So we jumped out and quickly walked to the area, got through the entry point and pushed our way through the crowd with seconds to spare before the countdown and the fireworks began. And they were rubbish. No joke. They sucked. For a country like Singapore which is pretty rich and impressive looking and everyone is really into New Years Eve, you'd think they'd go all out with their fireworks display but apparently not! They only lasted for what seemed like a minute and they weren't impressive in the slightest.  
After the disappointing countdown we then spent 2 hours walking around Singapore trying to get through the masses of people and to an area were we'd be able to flag down a taxi. We might as well have walked all the way home by the time we managed to get one! The police had closed off all the roads surrounding the area where everyone was gathering to see the fireworks so cars couldn't drive down them, but for some reason they weren't letting people walk on the roads either so I don't really see what the point of that was. It meant that thousands of people were all walking, squashed onto a sidewalk between massive barriers, in the same direction for ages, trying to get away from the crowds. We actually had plans to meet up with some other friends but after about an hour of walking we were so tired, we decide that we'd just go home as soon as we managed to get a taxi. 

So that was my great end to 2014/start of 2015! How was everyone else's? Did anyone make any new year resolutions? If you did, what were they?

Did you know that the top 10 new years resolutions of 2014 were: 
1) Lose weight
2) Getting organised
3) Spend less, save more
4) Enjoy life to the fullest
5) Staying fit and healthy
6) Learn something exciting
7) Quit smoking
8) Help others in their dreams
9) Fall in love
10) Spend more time with the family 
I never make new years resolutions cause I know that I'll never stick to them. I don't have enough will power. Did you know that only 8% of people are actually successful in achieving their resolutions? However, this year I am going to try and stay fit and healthy. I'm not making it my new years resolution but really just a lifestyle choice. I've been so bad at going to the gym and doing yoga this past term at uni so I really want to get back into doing that and hopefully lose some of this Christmas weight I've put on!

In order to help me with my new lifestyle choice, the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene, which I use to practice yoga, has started a '30 days of Yoga' video set. 
This is definitely going to help me keep on top of my yoga, knowing that I have a specific video to do every day. It's probably going to be hard to make time every day to actually do some yoga but I'm challenging myself!
The first video was an 'ease into it' yoga video, and I did my second video today which was a 'stretch and soothe' video. As you've probably noticed, I didn't start on the first of January which I was probably supposed to do but oh well! 
Staying with my theme of not doing things on the right day, we had our family New Years day dinner on the 4th January. We were invited to someone else's house for dinner on the 1st and then other things got in the way so that was the first opportunity we had to do it, although it was definitely worth the wait!
It's a family tradition now that we have my mum's beef wellington for our New Years day dinner. It is actually one of the best things I've ever eaten. For anyone who doesn't know, beef wellington is a filet steak coated with pate (my mums makes a mixture of finely chopped mushrooms), which is then wrapped in puff pastry and baked. It is amazing. The beef cuts like butter and it tastes so good with the mushroom mixture (and I'm not even a fan of mushrooms!) and the flaky, buttery pastry... it is just so good! We have leftovers so I think we're having that tonight for dinner - I can't wait! 

What did everyone else have for their New Years day dinners, if you had one? Would love to hear from you guys!


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