Prague! End of the Euro-trip!

I've come to my last Euro-trip post, sadly!

We ended our adventure in Prague which was probably the best place that we could have ended up in. As I said in my very first post, Venice and Prague were my favourite places that we visited. Prague was just so much fun and it was just such a relaxing way to end such a long and exhausting (but fun!) holiday. 

Despite saying that, I just spent about 20 minutes with Ashleigh trying to remember what we did there fore 4 days :/ I think we were so relaxed that all I remember is chilling out in our room and in the bar downstairs in the hostel and making friends and it just outweighs everything else. Plus it was the end of such a long trip and we had done so many things by then, that everything just kind of blurs into one when I try and look back on it. 

My favourite part of Prague, I have to say, was the hostel we stayed in and the people we met. If you're going to Prague and looking for a hostel to stay in, go to Sir Toby's Hostel []. It is amazing. The people who work there know so much about the city and are so welcoming and helpful and its clean and comfortable and there's a great pub downstairs where you can meet people and hang out. Its just such a fun hostel to stay in and its right next to a tram station so its really easy to get into the centre of Prague. Plus they sell tram tickets in the hostel reception and they're really cheap so its so easy to make your way around the city.

I feel bad that this post is going to be a really unhelpful guide to Prague because we didn't actually get up to much when we were there so I can't recommend many things to do. We of course went into the old town square and saw the astronomical clock and all the churches and things. And obviously we walked across the Charles Bridge and up to the castle. But if you end up going there, I suggest just relaxing and walking around the city and drinking beer/absinthe and having fun. Its just such a beautiful and fun city that you don't want to stress yourself out trying to find certain things to do and missing out on the relaxed vibe that the city gives off. 

Even though I haven't been very helpful about certain things to do in Prague, if you were on the fence about going or thinking about the next place that you should go to, hopefully I've convinced you to make your way to Prague. Its such a beautiful city and its so much fun. You definitely won't regret going. Especially if you stay at Sir Toby's Hostel. 

Despite what I thought though, my euro-trip lead on to more adventures seeing as I just got back from America after visiting someone I met in Prague... more posts to follow!


  1. Dear Antonia,

    Thank you very much for your beautiful words! Everyone at Sir Toby's wishes you safe return back home and we hope to see you again in our beautiful city.

    All the best,
    Sir Toby's staff

    1. Aw this made my day! So glad you saw my post and got to see how much we enjoyed your hostel! We had so much fun and I can't wait to return one day!


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