New Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer!

My parents are always so good at getting amazing presents for everyone in the family and this year was no exception. I know its not quite Christmas yet but I got my main present delivered early this year to the flat because I leave Tuesday and it would have been impossible for me to take it on the plane back with me from Singapore. Probably should have waited until after Christmas to use it but I genuinely couldn't help myself and I used it later that day. What was it? A Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer! 
It is actually my pride and joy. It is so beautiful and so amazing and I can't get enough of it. Anyone who's beating around the bush about whether to get one or not for themselves or for someone else, don't wait any longer. Just get it. You won't regret it. 

There's my baby. Its in a gorgeous almond colour and I think it just looks so retro and cool. 

It comes with a mixer attachment, a whisk attachment, a dough hook and a splash guard as well as an information booklet that contains a few different recipe ideas. 

It is so easy to use and it really makes a different to your baking. I didn't think that it would but I don't know if its because it mixes the batter better than you would be able to do by hand, but when the finished product comes out the oven it just looks so much better than it normally would. Its risen well and its even and it looks professional. I've used it to make two different cakes/breads so far [recipes coming soon] and I've just completely fallen in love with it.

If you're looking for Christmas ideas to give to someone who is a major foodie, this would be an amazing gift to give and they would love you forever!


  1. Looking forward to sampling some I'd your amazing baking x

    1. I'll make that Starbucks copycat lemon loaf for you when I'm home. x


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