3 Exercises that will kill your arms!

Popsugar is one of those blogs where I always bookmark their posts on exercise ideas, but never actually end up doing them. Mostly because I'm too lazy. 

This morning however, I decided to get my butt back to the gym after not going for ages and instead of just running, which I normally do, I thought I'd do some toning exercises as well. I remembered that I had bookmarked one of their posts on '3 Simple Exercises That Will Give You Sexy, Sculpted Arms', so I thought I'd give that a go!

You know that trick where someone puts their hands inside yours and pushes against you as hard as they can, as you push back against them for 30 seconds and when the time is over it feels like there's an invisible ball in yours hands because you can't push your hands together? It's something to do with your muscles tightening and then taking a while to get back to the relaxed stage but anyway, it's a weird sensation. Yeah, after doing these arm exercises I went for a shower and I couldn't lift my arms properly to wash my hair because it felt like something was pushing them down like an invisible weight or something. That's how effective these exercises are! They kill your arms afterwards! Might not sound very pleasant but at least it means they're effective!

Basically you do a bicep curl and overhead press for 20 reps, downward dog into cobra pose for 15 reps, and then lateral and forward raises for 15 reps. The post tells you how to do each exercise and gives you pictures to help you out as well so don't worry if you haven't heard of them before!

If you're looking for some new, intense arm exercises, these are it! 

Let me know what you think!


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