Chicken curry with Coconut milk!

I was having cravings for Indian food a while back and was really fancing a curry but had ordered one too many takeaways by that point... so I thought, why not make my own curry! And a healthy one at that.

Not only was this really yummy and healthy [only 213 calories!!] but it was also really easy and quick to make. Took about 5 minutes to prep and then you just leave it to cook for half an hour. Perfect!

I think the hardest part about this dish was peeling the potatoes. I don't know how I do it but I obviously do it wrong because I always end up with grazes on my hands from the peeler... Clearly have to take a lesson in potato-peeling!

The thing I loved most about this meal was how all the spices made it so warming. The garam masala, cumin and curry powder didn't make it spicy, per-se, but it created a really nice warmth in my mouth that was perfect for a cold day. 

Pair it with some naan bread and you're good to go!


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