It's been almost a month since my last post! I've really let things slide... I've just been so busy!
I've started a job with Levy Restaurants, so I'm working at the SECC/Hydro/Armadillo in hospitality, doing anything from barista work to bar work to setting up events etc. I'm liking it so far! Everyone is so nice, there's always someone to hang out with/talk to, no matter what shift I'm doing. Between that and uni work and writing for Affairs Today [I need to post my latest opinion articles on here soon] and trying to make time for people, I've not really had the time to write my blog!

But there is something that I just couldn't wait to share... my newborn niece!

Isn't she gorgeous? Isabelle Elizabeth Park :) 

I love her so much! She's only two weeks old. Colleen and I went down to see her last weekend and she is just precious.

 I may not look very amused in that picture but trust me, I was loving life. I was just watching tv at the same time which is why I have a very strong look of concentration on my face...

Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but she is also so alert for a newborn! Constantly looking around and turning her head and engaging with people/sights/sounds. And she does not cry! I think I heard her cry for about 5 minutes in total the entire weekend. As long as she's being held she's as content as can be.

 So there you have it. Baby Isabelle :) Absolutely gorgeous.

I promise to try and get back on top of my blog posts. I will definitely be posting a list of my latest opinion articles for Affairs Today!


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