Ham and Potato Soup!

I know my New Years resolution was to blog more and to use my camera to take better pictures but... this is why I don't make New Years resolution! I never keep them. 

Its been almost a month since I last posted and I know that's really bad but I've just been so busy! My Masters has been kicking my butt this semester and I've taken on a larger role at Affairs Today which is taking up a lot more time than I thought it would. 

Anyway, here's another food post [with another rubbish picture] that I saw on the Tasty channel on Facebook.

Looks a bit boring and plain but I promise that's just the rubbish camera on my phone. It was creamy and filling and salty and yummy. And it lasted for days. So much soup!

Could also easily thicken up the broth a little with some flour or cornflour, put it in a dish and put some puff pastry on top and make yourself a yummy pie. I might try that soon actually...

I also found out that Morrisons does little baked hams and that was an amazing discovery.

Let me know if you like this soup!


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