Rainbow Cake!

I did it. I made a rainbow cake.

All those posts and pictures on Instagram and Buzzfeed and Facebook about rainbow cakes and I never thought I'd actually have the time or patience or skill to make one but I finally did it! And it was beautiful :)

My flatmate requested it for her birthday and it turned out great! It's not easy though! I don't mean that in terms of the skill that it takes cause it's not actually that technically difficult to make, but boy does it take a while. And it is quite the workout!

The recipe I used makes a very dense batter. After a while, it hurts your arms to keep on mixing but you just have to keep going cause you have to make the batter 3 times and then split it into 2 each time to get your 6 different coloured layers. Phew!

Because the batter was so dense, it was really frustrating to work with as well. Trying to scrap it into the cake tins and level it out was hard work. You had to use your fingers and spatula to try and get it to the edges of the tin so it was really messy and the baking parchment was sliding around and after doing that 6 times you kind of just want to give up and cry. My kitchen is tiny as well so I kept on having to move between the counter tops and the floor to give myself enough space to make the micture and then put it into the tins and spread it out so my back was killing by the end of it!

Don't be put off by my moaning through! This cake is definitely worth all the effort in the end. Once it's all assembled and iced and you cut into it, it's so impressive. And you can't help but feel proud of yourself. Like, wow! I made that! Go me!

I did have a bit of trouble with the icing though. [I always do]. I didn't have as much icing sugar as I thought I did so I didn't end up with the amount of icing that is needed to fill and cover the whole cake. It left it with a 'naked' look where it isn't all properly covered. I'm just going to say I was going with the whole 'naked cake' trend though. Two cake trends in one! However, I normally hate icing because it's too sweet for me but I looooved this one. It was made with cream cheese instead of butter so it tasted like cheesecake which is my favourite type of cake. Saying that, I did add some butter in because the comments on the recipe said that the icing doesn't work without some butter in it. 

Have a go at making this cake and let me know how it goes! It's a great crowd pleaser and not only does it look amazing, but it's so tasty too!

FYI, a lot of green food colouring is needed to get the green colour. I put in almost half the bottle cause everytime I mixed it in it was barely noticeable. Maybe that was just the food colouring I bought though.


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