So there is this New York style cafe called Tribeca in the West End of Glasgow, that I always pass on my way to the subway. I've always wanted to go in and I finally did last week with Ashleigh. We went for lunch but they do all day breakfast so of course that was what we had. It's called the Manhattan Grand Slam and it is ridiculously big. I think I only managed to eat half of it. That alone would have sufficed but we decided to have milkshakes as well. Granted they were amazing (I had a strawberry flavoured one), but I was so ridiculously full afterwards. 

I think next time I go I'll remember to not order quite so much. They had french toast on the menu which sounded delicious so I'm probably going to have that next time (and yes, I am planning my meals ahead of time).
If anyone reading this lives in Glasgow and has never been to Tribeca before, I highly recommend it :) 


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