Lamb Curry, Pea & Goats Cheese Ricotta, and Thai Red Curry Soup

Catch up post!

I have made so many meals in the past few weeks that I haven't written posts on and I don't really know why. Instead of doing one big post trying to shove loads of different meals into it, I've decided to split my numerous meals into 2 different posts.

So to start off this two-parter, I give you... Lamb curry!
This meal was delicious. It is definitely one of my favourite that I've made and I made it again for my sister and her fiance when I went down to visit them in London. Its creamy but slightly spicy, and filling with soft bits of potatoes and tender pieces of lamb...
It smelt amazing when I was cooking the onions and garlic and the different spices... ginger and coriander and cumin and turmeric and cayenne pepper. If I could bottle that smell and sell it, I would make so much money. It does take a while to cook though - around 1hr15 minutes - so this isn't a meal that you can just pull together at the last minute if you're starving. However, if you have the time I seriously recommend you make this curry because it is so yummy.

Secondly: pea and goats cheese ricotta.
I don't know why, but a while ago I was really fancying something with some goats cheese in it. I think I was craving the goats cheese and feta cheese omlette from Wild Honey... Anyway, I was looking at different recipes online and came across this risotto recipe by Jamie Oliver. This is such a rich meal because of all the cheese and chicken stock and wine, so you won't need a big portion of it. Because of the way you make it, it does take a little bit to make because you have to add ladlefuls of stock and stir it in until its completely dissolved and then keep adding more, so again, its not a meal you bring together at the last minute.

And last but not least, thai red curry soup!
This was a really yummy, spicy soup dish that was great at clearing my sinuses! It was a great way to get some of your five a day in as well cause of the spinach and I added green beans instead of beansprouts which worked just as well! The only thing wrong with it was that I added too much fish sauce which overpowered the whole dish a little bit. But this would be such a yummy meal if you don't make the same mistake that I did!

This post took me a ridiculously long time to write... Probably due to the fact that I was being distracted by Ru Paul's Drag Race. That's a great show by the way, if you're looking for something new to watch!
Let me know how you guys get on with the meals if you decide to make them!


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