The Butterfly and The Pig, Brel, Bread Meats Bead and Adam's Ice Cream Parlour [Glasgow]

This post is long overdue cause I actually ate from these places ages ago and I was supposed to do a post on each of them individually but because I'm so late in writing this, I though I'd just put them all together to give you a few ideas of places you should go to eat in Glasgow!

First of all, The Butterfly and The Pig:
 I'm pretty sure I've written about this place before but I had Sunday Roast there a while ago and it was amazing... Look at it. Look how amazing it looks. It was delicious. Roast beef, roast potatotes, roast parsnips, carrots, yorkshire puddings and a side bowl of gravy so you can dip the stuff in yourself so it doesn't get all soggy. It was so good. I think one of my favourite things to eat is yorkshire puddings covered in gravy. Basically anything covered in gravy.
This place is a great place to go if you're in the mood for good old traditional, heart-warming food, like steak pie, gammon steak, fish cakes... etc.

Secondly, Brel - a belgian restaurant in Ashton Lane. Seeing as its a Belgian restaurant, its no suprise that frites take center stage on their menu. I couldn't go to this place without ordering fries, even though my meal came with mashed potatotes (as the waiter was kind enough to point out....) I had The Stoemp! That's not my own exclamation point, that's actually the name on the menu... It was Belgian mash, a toulouse sausage and covered with beer and onion gravy. So yummy.

This amazing looking burger is from Bread Meats Bread. Its a burger place that makes amazing burgers from scratch, using quality and ethical ingrediants.
I had the Pepperoni, which was a burger with pepperoni, mozzarella, pommodero sauce and parmesan on a garlic brioche. I'm actually craving that so much right now... I'm really wanting a burger right now. The sweet potato fries were to die for as well.
I'm totally going to try and go back here some time this week....

And lastly... Adam's Ice Cream Parlour! Its a take-away place on Paisley Rd that does amazing desserts and milkshakes and different flavours of ice-cream... Hot cookie dough, hot chocolate fudge cake, hot caramel shortcake, hot dough balls, crepes, and my favourite, hot beligan waffles. This is an amazing place when its late at night and you're craving something sweet and you can't be bothered to go out and get something and you can just get it delivered to your door instead!

Hopefully some of these places appeal to you guys and you go and check them out/order from them online! Let me know what you think!


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