Cottage Pie and Lamb Dhansak

I leave for Europe in 2 days! So excited!
As I said in my last post, I have to finish posting about a few meals before I get onto talking about all the places we visit in Europe.

Firstly, this Lamb Dhansank recipe by Mary Berry. I've gotten really into watching her programmes on tv and I saw her making both this and the cottage pie and they both looked so good that I had to make them.
It's a mild, sweet and rich dish, made with lamb, lentils and loads of different spices. It's also really easy to make. You basically just put everything into one pot and let it simmer for one and a half hours. Because of all the lentils, it also makes it feel like its a really healthy meal. 

The best meal that I think I've ever made though has to be her cottage pie with dauphinoise potatoes. It is literally the tastiest thing ever. Its so creamy and cheesy and the meat part is so rich and flavourful and its just the best combination. I definitely think it'll be my go-to meal from now on. It is amazing. Ashleigh loves it as well. Everyone will love it to be honest.

If anyone wants to try these meals, here are the links to the recipes:

Let me know if you try them and if you like them or not!


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