I got a new phone a few days ago (Samsung A3) and it is amazing. When you go onto google search, it has all these notifications waiting for you which are linked to things that are in your gmail. Seeing as I'm flying to Rome tomorrow night to start my euro-trip (!!!), I got a notification of my trip to Rome and a little picture to go along with it, just to let me know what I was in for.

How exciting is that?!
I'm pretty much all packed for my trip, I just need to pack my toiletries tomorrow and go to the DHL pick up location near my flat to get the night-train tickets that I reserved for us to get from Venice to Ljubljana, seeing as I was away in London this weekend so missed the guy when he came to deliver them.

Just to give you a guide of where we're going on our 3 week long Euro-trip... we're going to:
 Rome > Florence > Venice > Ljubljana > Zagreb > Vienna > Salzburg > Munich > Prague
Very exciting! We're staying about 2.5/3 days in each place so we're going to have to pack a lot into a short amount of time so its going to be very busy and tiring but it'll be fun! I'm most looking forward to Italy and Prague so we'll see if they were my favourite places when I get back or whether somewhere else took my interest!

I'll have to write a lot of blog posts when I'm back about each of the different places I visit, so be prepared for an overload of Europe-related posts!



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