Date mix-ups!

Before I write my next post on Ljubljana, let me tell you about my bad luck I've been having with messing up my dates recently!
Not so much bad luck, but more complete lack of awareness of what month it is...

 I blame the Euro-trip. I had no idea what day it was at any point during that trip, let alone the actual specific date. One of the downsides of going away on a long trip where you're travelling around so much. You lose track of time.

1st mistake: I was down in London for the past two weeks for my sisters wedding. I booked my flights back for the 19th July so that I could be back in Glasgow in time for my internship starting on the 20th. Unfortunately, a few hours before my flight was supposed to take off I went to go check in online and realised that I had booked my flight back for the 19th August by mistake... Oops :/ After a few moments of panic I managed to book a new flight so it worked itself out. 

2nd mistake: My second internship was supposed to start tomorrow. Notice the word 'supposed'. I had arranged to start working on, what I thought, was the 20th July for 3 days a week until the 5th August. But when I turned up at the office yesterday morning and was ringing the buzzer to try and get in, there was no answer. As it turns out, it was a public holiday yesterday which I was not aware of. Anyway, I waited around for a bit before checking my email conversation with the woman I had organised my internship with to see if she had said a time I should be there for that I had missed out on. And that's when I realised my mistake. I had put the dates June and July down instead of July and August. So either I was a month late or I am supposed to start in a years time. It was really quite unfortunate... Thankfully I emailed the same woman telling her my mistake and asking if I could rearrange dates with her and she replied this morning saying I could. So fingers crossed, I will be starting my internship next week!

Anyway, moral of this story is: if you're away on a long trip, triple check any arrangements you make afterwards to make sure you have the right dates!!


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