So I might be really uncultured, but I had never heard of Ljubljana until we started researching where we wanted to go for our euro-trip. For anyone else who didn't know, Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. 

I don't really know why we picked Slovenia as a country to visit... It wasn't on anyone's list but we ended up going there anyway! It was basically because we wanted to go to Venice and Croatia, and Slovenia was in between so we thought we might as well stop off and see some of the country that we would be travelling through. It also cut some of our travelling time down. We had to get overnight trains from Venice to Ljubljana and it took 10 hours. It was so horrible. We were exhausted and we couldn't properly sleep and there was no room to stretch out properly because the compartment was tiny and it was completely full. Sometimes night trains are necessary and they definitely were with our rail tickets because if we travelled during the day, we would be taking up a lot of our limited travel days, but they are a nightmare.

After such a crazy week of travelling through Italy, Ljubljana was a nice little break. It was quite small so you could do pretty much everything in one day. It was such a nice little city to wander round. It was so relaxing and had the feeling of being less tourist-y and more quiet than anywhere we had been in Italy. It was just what we needed after getting off multiple night trains. Also, the food was really good. A lot of stews and meats and soups which is all right up my street.

After spending one day in the actual city, we decided to do a day trip to Lake Bled. It was so beautiful there. It was such a picturesque surrounding with mountains and forests all around and the medieval-era Bled Castle standing above it. It was such a relaxing day. We just lay on the edge of the lake all day, sunbathing and chilling out. It was great to have some peace and quiet and time to reflect after the hustle and bustle of Italy and all the train journeys we had been doing. If anyone is in Ljubljana I definitely recommend going to Lake Bled. Its only an hour bus ride and its such a peaceful day out.

Look how beautiful it is! Can't you just see yourself lounging on the grass with a cider in your hand, taking in all this beautiful scenary?

Although Slovenia might be a random country to visit, I would recommend it to anyone for a nice little break away because it is so beautiful and relaxing there.


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