Salzburg! Austria, Part 2

Onto Salzburg, the home of the Sound of Music, for my second post on Austria.

After the big city feel that Vienna gave off, Salzburg felt like a very small, quaint village. The area that our hostel was in felt so small in fact that it took us a while to find a store to get things to eat from. And the store that we did find was pretty small so there wasn't many options of things to eat. That's not a complaint about Salzburg though! It was nice to stay in a little Austrian village and be able to walk fo a bit to get into the main city. Our hostel was obviously taking on board the whole Sound of Music thing as well, because they played it every night at 8pm in the tv room. We sat down and watched it one night and it was amazing but for the people at reception, they must absoutely hate it now.

Not only was Salzburg big on promoting their attachment to the Sound of Music, but there was also a lot of promotion everywhere with Salzburg's affinity with Mozart. In fact, near our hostel, hidden behind a church was a beautiful little graveyard which had Mozart's parents gravestone's in it. And then in the main area of the city was Mozart's former home. It was so expensive to get into though so we just took a picture of the oustide. 

Salzburg was beautiful. So many gorgeous buildings and beautiful gardens, surrounded by mountains. It was amazing to be able to walk around such a picteresque place. Perhaps one of the most gorgeous views you can get of Salzburg, is from the funicular that takes you up to Fortress Hohensalzburg, and then from the Fortress Hohensalzburg itself. Hohensalzburg castle is an 11th century fortress complex sitting on a hilltop with amazing views over the city and to the Alps. Not only does it have gorgeous views, but you can also take an audio-guided tour around the fortress and learn about it's history. There's also a restaurant next to the fortress which overlooks the spectacular views of the city which must be an amazing place to have lunch. 

On our way to see the Fortress, we walked through a market where we bought delicious schnitzel and I got a huge apple pretzel. Don't think there was a more Austrian meal that we could have eaten on the steps of an Austrian church, next to an Austrian market. 

Side note, we passed the fanciest McDonald's I have ever seen on our way through the city centre. We didn't go in but I just had to take a picutre of the infamous 'M' sign. 

Side, side note. I thought Paris was the only city that had a love lock bridge but apparently not! It was amazing to see all these different locks on this bridge in Salzburg, with all the different message on them of people declaring their love for each other. It was rather sweet. 

If you want a more picturesque, relaxing trip to Austria, I definitely recommend Salzburg. It's a perfect little story-book setting.

Anyone else been to Salzburg? Anyone want to go? Let me know!


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