I Graduated!

I graduated!

I am officially a graduate of the University of Glasgow with a 2:1 LLB Honours Degree :) 

It was a good day :) A long day, but a good day. I had to be there to register by 8:30 [!!!] and to get my robes and sash. Note to anyone graduating, bring a safety pin with you! The sash was really big so it kept on falling down. You really need something to pin it up with. Saying that, even with the safety pin holding the front up it was still really annoying because it kept on dropping down my shoulders. But still, it was pretty cool to wear the big robes that you always see people wearing in movies/pictures.

It was a bit of an awkward day because the ceremony finished at about 12:30 but my dinner wasn't booked until 6:30 so we had lunch and then there was a bit of milling about, trying to kill time. Dinner was good when it finally came around though! We had it at the Corinthian, a really nice casino/bar/club/restaurant in the city centre of Glasgow. Another post on that to come!

I thought that the ceremony was going to go on for ages, or at least feel like it did, but it went surprisingly fast! They just went through everyone's names so quickly - there wasn't really a pause between anyone. There were also so many people on stage at once. I was nervous about being on stage in front of everyone but you're blocked by so many people and the focus isn't really entirely on you because there are so many people in front of you that I wasn't nervous at all when I got up there!

The longest part of the day was queuing for the pictures after the ceremony. Oh my goodness. My feet were killing me by that point because my heels were really high and I was so hot and sweaty because of the big robes and I just wanted to sit down but I couldn't! Definition of first world problems!

But who cares, because in the end I managed to get one of these to hang on my wall :)


Congratulations to anyone else who's recently graduated/about to graduate!


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