KL Tiger's Rugby/Touch Tournament!

I just got back from Kuala Lumpur last night after a whirlwind rugby weekend!

The KL Tiger's were hosting this rugby/touch tournament at Epsom College, a HUGE international school with amazing grounds. They had 6 different pitches to play on with matches across different age groups going on all day. John's age group, the under 10's, were on from 8 until about 11:30 in the morning both days and then Faith's touch age group, the under 13's, were playing from roughly 12 until 5 on both Saturday and Sunday so it was a long weekend! I was exhausted just sitting outside in the heat all day watching them so I don't know how they did it actually playing in that heat! It was about 35'C every day!


It was a great weekend though. It's the first rugby tournament that I've managed to go to but I swear my family go to them almost every weekend! If anyone has a sibling or member of the family/friends who play in these kind of tournaments you should definitely go watch them. It's a great way to spend a weekend - watching rugby games, getting really into it, drinking, eating and hanging out with people.

The kids did so well as well! I know it's all about having fun and trying your best but they managed to do that and do really well as well! John's team won all their games and didn't concede any tries until the final where they lost against the KL Tiger's 2-1. It was an intense game... boys were dropping off left, right and center! One kid threw up then fainted and had to be carried off the pitch, one of ours had heat exhaustion, there were several head collisions, one of our boy's knees got injured so he's off for 4-6 weeks and John had a really hard tackle and smashed into one of the pitch markers with his back so he was in a lot of pain. As well as the boys getting injured the parents on the sidelines were getting pretty heated as well... one of the other teams mum's told me to f**k off! Charming. 

The girls did amazing as well! They won all their games and only conceded 1 try the entire weekend! They won the tournament for their age group! Go girls! I didn't get as many pictures of the girls playing unfortunately because they were playing on the hockey pitches and there were big fences up all around it so it was hard to get good pictures through the fence.

Also... Faith won player of the tournament for her age group! It was her first every tournament and she did some great touches. We were so proud of her!

It was a really fun weekend :) Side note, if anyone is going to a rugby tournament, do what my mum did. She brought so much food for everyone and brought the cooler which was stocked with fizzy drinks, beer and... tonic water, gin and sliced lemons so she could make herself some gin and tonics! It was a great idea. She also got me a bottle of Malibu so I could join her in the drinking. Might have drunk a bit too much though because I had to take a half an hour shower after the first day to stop myself feel like I was going to be sick... it wasn't my finest moment...


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