Sweet Potato Pie!

I made one of the most traditional American desserts recently - sweet potato pie!
What could be more American than taking a really starchy, sweet-tasting vegetable, blending it together with sugar and pouring it into a dish that has been covered with a really buttery pastery? 

I joke, but really this pie was amazing. I love it just as much as pumpkin pie, which is saying something. Although it pretty much tastes just the same...

I was very proud of myself actually. I made the pastry from scratch and it actually worked and held its shape! And the filling set and it was just overal really amazing. Despite me describing it to my sister and her saying "Toni that is disgusting."

 I guess the idea of having potato in a dessert isn't really appealing... but sweet potatoes are so 'sweet' [funnily enough] and go so well with cinnamon and other spices that it really works. 

The Americans did a good job when they came up with this dessert! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to try out a new recipe. You won't regret it!


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