White Chocolate Cheesecake!

I recently made one of the best looking desserts I have ever made in my life. It looked beautiful and I was so impressed with myself. And it tasted amazing as well.

It was this white chocolate cheesecake. I think basically it's the pie tin. Everything I make in there comes out really well and I love the ridges around the edge. I just think it looks so professional. This dessert not only looked amazing, however, but tasted amazing as well which is all down to this recipe

In place of the oatcake biscuits that the recipe called for, I used shortbread. This was Ashleigh's suggestion actually. Actually the entire dessert was her suggestion - she said she wanted a white chocolate cheesecake and I felt like baking so it gave me a great excuse.

The recipe suggests serving it with a rhubarb compote. Well I absolutely hate rhubarb so I did not do that. You could of course use any fruit you want like raspberries or strawberries but I couldn't be bothered to make any type of compote cause I'm really lazy. 

You do need something tart to cut through the richness of the cheesecake however cause it is very rich. I started feeling sick after starting my second slice. I had a brainwave, however. We had jam in the fridge and that's basically compote, right? So I added some strawberry jam to my cheesecake :) 

Unfortunately this jam was pretty sweet itself so that didn't really help that much... But if you have any tart jam/marmalade floating around in the fridge and you can't be bothered to make your own compote, throw it right on the cheesecake! It will work!


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