Homemade pizza!

 Me and Ashleigh decided to make homemade pizza tonight cause one of our other flatmates, Jacob, gave us one of his dough packets. It's really easy, you just add water to the packet and knead it until you make a dough and then roll it out. We topped it with a cheese/tomato sauce, grated cheddar cheese, sliced mozzarella cheese, sliced bits of meatballs and slices of chorizo.
It was literally so amazing. It was one of the nicest pizza's I've ever had. The cheese got all gooey and melted and the chorizo was delicious. It was just so yummy. Definitely recommend making your own pizza and trying these toppings. We were talking about it and we thought that chicken tikka would be a good topping so we might make that one next time :) 


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