Mount Faber Walk and Lunch!

My parents had friends from Belgium over for the
weekend and to help me get over jet lag, we all went for a walk up Mount Faber to reach the cafe at the top of it to have lunch.

As I've said before in a previous post, I've started posting daily "outfitfortoday" instagram pictures so I put one up before the walk and I thought I'd post it on here as well (I'm a total poser, I know).

It was soo hot so the walk felt even longer than it actually was. I actually got sunburnt on the back of my neck :/ How embarrassing! One day in Singapore and I'm already sunburnt!

Lunch was really good. I had the oven roasted chicken with a curry sauce (which is in the red saucer) and it was on a bed of mashed potatoes (which you can't see in the picture). It was really good and I ate every single bit of it. So yummy.


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