Curry Soup!

So today I ran 5k without stopping to walk for the first time in a while! After getting back from the UK and not exercising for about 3 weeks I thought I could get straight back into running but boy was I wrong! The first two times I tried I could barely manage to get to 3k and then I had to stop and walk for a while. Your body really does get out of the habit of exercise if you don't do anything for a while! But today I managed to run 5k in 28 minutes so I was pretty happy with myself :) I was exhausted though! I came back and did some yoga to cool down and stretch my muscles. I did a video from the Yoga with Adriene YouTube page [the cool down for runners one] that I've talked about in a previous post on the blog. Still can't get over how great her videos are! 

Anyway, later on today I made dinner for the family! I've had loads of recipes bookmarked on my laptop for ages now and I thought it was about time that I tried some of them out. So I decided to make this Curry Soup recipe. It was pretty darn delicious if I do say so myself! It's not spicy either so any non-spicy lovers out there, don't worry, this soup can still be for you. It wasn't difficult to make either! You do need to have a lot of different spices though so you might want to stock up your cupboards.

There's a picture of my yummy soup :) It has chicken and carrots and celery in it and the broth is just so delicious. I bought some naan bread to go along with it because you can't just have normal bread with curry soup! That's the recipe there if anyone wants to try it :) I highly recommend it!


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