New Me

Even though I said on my last post that I was going to pick up on my blogging, I have been really neglectful :/ I haven't posted anything in ages! But I promise I'm going to start back again! 

So there's been a few major changes in my life that have completely changed what I thought my life was going to be like and what direction I thought that I should take in life. I'm not going to go into detail about what these changes were because it's pretty personal and I don't want to blast all my emotional issues all over the internet. 
Anyway, instead of sitting and wallowing in sadness (I've been there and it sucks and I don't want to do that again) I'm going to make an effort to change my life for the best. It's going to start with really simple little things like drinking more water because it's good for me and it's a good detox, and remembering to take my pills on a daily basis. I'm pretty bad at that, I have forgotten to take them so many times which is really bad of me but I'm going to start to try and religiously take them now. They're for my own benefit after all! 
But I'm also going to make some bigger changes in my life! Such as......

1) Stop fixating on guys so much! - Guys are such idiots and they bring me down so much! I'm constantly thinking about what they think of me and checking my phone to see if they've replied and it just makes me feel like shit and I'm so done with it! I'm going to make a conscious effort to try and not think about them as much and to try and tell myself that it doesn't matter if they're not messaging me back. Who cares?! It's their lose. 
2) Go out more next year at uni and have fun! - My first 2 years at uni I have been pretty much a stay at home kind of student. That's just the kind of person I am, I like doing that and thankfully so do my friends! I'm not talking about completely changing who I am and becoming a party animal, I just mean get dressed up with my friends and go out for a few drinks more often. Explore more places in Glasgow! There are so many bars and restaurants and comedy clubs etc. that are here and I haven't even been to a fraction of them! I also don't mean just going out more at night time, I mean going on more day trips as well. I want to go to Edinburgh more and I've wanted to go to the Isle of Skye for ages to see the Fairy Pools. And I really want to go to Aberfoyle to do this tree top adventure course thing. It looks like so much fun! I also want to go visit family and friends around the UK because I haven't done that yet
3) Go to Dublin! - Me and Ashleigh (my flat mate) have been talking about going to Dublin pretty much since we met in first year and I think its about time that we actually did it! Flights are only about £50 and you can get a hostel for around £15 a night so it's not going to be that expensive! Everyone I know thats been to Dublin has loved it and it just looks so amazing so I'm really excited about going!
4) Plan a Euro trip! - This is a big one. I want to travel and go to so many places and the best way to start is to plan a Euro trip and go to loads of different countries in Europe. Ashleigh is getting a rail ticket for her birthday so I'm going to save up and get one as well so I can join her. It is going to be so much fun and I cannot wait to go!

Okay, enough for this post, I think I've written a sufficient amount! I promise I will be back more often with more blog posts!


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