A Big Breakfast at Cafezique [Glasgow] and Homemade Beef Stew

So Jordan came over Sunday and we were greeted with the smell of a full fry-up breakfast, courtesy of Ashleigh and her boyfriend. That made us pretty starving so we decided to go out for brunch instead of cooking our own food. We ended up going to Cafezique, this really quaint cafe, attached to Delizique - also a cafe but it sells its own bread, cakes, tartlets, scones, croissants and meringues as well.
The cafe is pretty chic cause it has a mezzanine overlooking the main space so you can look down onto the other tables/kitchen. That's where we were sitting because downstairs was packed. We were overlooking the street, not the rest of the cafe though so we got a good chance to people watch.
Anyway, on to the food. We both decided to have the "big breakfast" which was made up of: puddledub shoulder bacon, stornoway black pudding, aberfoyle butcher pork & herb sausages, organic baked beans, delizique tattie scone, field mushroom, tomato and corrie mains free range eggs with delique toast. It was sooo good. The picture doesn't do it much justice - as my sister pointed out, it looks "charred" but thats just the effect I used on Instagram and not the food itself. It was just what you wanted from a full fry up although I thought the baked beans tasted kind of weird. Kind of like... cherries. Which was strange and I wasn't a big fan of. Everything else was amazing though. I tried my hardest to eat it all but I couldn't manage it so Jordan ended up finishing mine off.
I've been to Cafezique before and had another one of their breakfast items so I can say with certainty that they are one of the places that do better breakfast's. They do lunch and dinner's as well but I can't testify for those. All I can say is that I definitely recommend you going to get breakfast/brunch from here if you're in the West End of Glasgow.

After breakfast we went to Morrisons to get supplies to make cookies and beef stew. It was a pretty big pig-out day. Probably why we ended up feeling like puking at the end of it... totally worth it though.
I had been watching a Mary Berry cooking show a few days beforehand and she had made a beef stew on it. It ended up with me really craving some yummy beef stew. Specifically, the one my mum makes. Stew is another one of those recipes that no matter who makes it, or what it tastes like, your mum's is always the best.
I didn't make my mum's however, but it still tasted really good. Everything was soft and tender and flavourful and rich and warm and filling. Just had to make sure that you seasoned it really well. A lot of salt and pepper was used to make it taste so good. The best thing is, that after you've eaten all the beef and carrots and potatoes, you can dip bread into the leftover broth. There's nothing better than bread dipped in beef broth, in my opinion.
http://www.cinnamonspiceandeverythingnice.com/recipe-index/?recipe_id=6061069 There's the recipe if anyone wants to try the stew.

So basically, Sunday was a day of eating and lots of cuddling. Or as Jordan described it, "an all day cuddle session with enough sugar to end a diabetic elephant". That would be the sugar from the massive peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that I made that he was talking about. http://www.thesugarhit.com/2014/06/dark-chocolate-peanut-butter-cookies-recipe.html There's the recipe if anyone wants to enter a sugar coma themselves. Its from a blog called The Sugar Hit, which seems entirely appropriate.

A day of eating and cuddling. That's the way Sunday's are supposed to be spent in my opinion.


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