Mozzarella and Salami Chicken Roll-Ups, Chilli Con Carne, Chicken Noodle Soup, Spinach Tagliatelle and Chicken Chow Mein

Part 2 of my recipe filled blog posts! 
This 'edition' has even more recipes than the last one did - 5 in total - but its to stop me from clogging up your bloglovin newsfeed with 5 different blog posts all about food! So here is a massive long blog post instead!

 What's better when you're feeling sick than a big bowl of hot, homemade, chicken noodle soup? Nothing, is the answer.
When I was down in London, this is exactly what I made for my sister when she was feeling all sick with the flu, curled up on the sofa.
I'm actually really craving some right now because its freezing and snowing outside and I could really go with some homemade soup to warm me up from the inside.
This soup is such a traditional, heartwarming meal and I really recommend you make some of the chicken stock and just keep it in your freezer so that you can pull it out at any time, when its cold out or when you're sick.
The only problem I had with this was that I put too many noodles in so the stock got completely absorbed and it wasn't so much soup anymore, but more of a noodle dish... Either way, it was still delicious. There's the recipe for anyone wanting to try it!

Another heart-warming meal for you - chilli con carne! I think chilli is one of those meals that your mum always used to make for you that can never be beaten be any other chilli recipe. However, this one comes pretty close.
I can't emphasise enough how much seasoning you have to put into the chilli at the end, otherwise its pretty bland. This chilli also has a bit of a kick to it so it'll heat your mouth right up.

 And for the third recipe... mozzarella and salami chicken roll-ups!
I absolutely love salami, and mozzarella is one of my favourite types of cheeses, so to have all that wrapped up in chicken and cooked in the oven till its all gooey and hot and yummy is just amazing.
Just have to remember to get cocktail sticks to keep the chicken held together, otherwise its all going to run out whilst its in the oven.

As you can probably tell from the picture, this is a screenshot of a snapchat, courtesy of my boyfriend. I made this spinach tagliatelle for us one night when I was craving the fettucine alfredo from the Olive Garden in America, and he was wanting a more healthy option, thus the addition of the spinach. It totally makes up for the cream and cheese... right?
Its a really rich meal, so you won't need a large portion but it is so yummy and creamy, and garlicy and cheesey and just delicious.
I couldn't even finish my bowl and had to pass it on to Jordan but that might also have to do with the fact that I was drinking malibu and coke as well which was filling me up...

And lastly on this recipe packed blog post... chicken chow mein! I started searching for this recipe because I knew that we had leftover noodles in the cupboard, soy sauce, chicken and brocolli in the freezer.
The recipe calls for peppers and bean sprouts, but I used brocolli instead which I personally thought was better, seeing as I absolutely love brocolli.
I love chicken chow mein and chinese food in general and this is so easy to make, so if you're ever in mood for chinese food, instead of phoning for a takeaway, make this instead! It is definitely a much healthier option and if you already have the ingrediants in your house, its cheaper as well!

So thats the end of my food-stuffed blog post! Let me know if you guys try out any of these recipes and how they turn out! Would love to hear from you!


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