Solar Eclipse

What did everyone do this morning? Anyone go see the eclipse?

There was loads of people on my Facebook newsfeed complaining about the clouds and therefore zero way of actually being able to see this phenomenon. To be honest I was feeling the same way for a while. Jordan and I got up earlier than I would have liked this morning in order to walk to my uni and get to the top of the hill that the main building is on, which is where he thought the best view of the eclipse would be. When we got outside and started walking it was so cloudy you literally could not see any of the sky at all and I was really grumpy cause I thought it was completely pointless that we had gotten up early. Buuuut.....
When we got to the top of the hill there was loads of people there looking for the eclipse as well. Just when it got to 9:34 (the time that the sun was supposed to be most covered) people started cheering and a hole in the clouds appeared just around the sun/moon and you could see the eclipse so clearly. It was pretty amazing. Not really the eclipse, even though that was pretty cool, but the fact that at the exact right time, a hole in the really clouded sky appeared right around the specific area we needed to see. It was so meant to be.



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