Jamie Oliver's Fish Pie

It snowed!

That photo doesn't even do it justice because it was snowing a lot. Like, a proper blizzard.
I was so excited because I've been waiting for snow for ages. It just makes everything feel so wintery and beautiful and cosy. Its a shame my little brother and sister left a week before the snow came because they've never seen snow before!

I wanted to make something for dinner that fit in with the wintery theme that the snow was creating. I actually Googled, "foods to eat when its snowing" and fish pie came up as one of the options. I scrolled through my bookmarked recipes on my laptop because I was sure I had to have had a fish pie recipe in there somewhere and lo and behold I did. A Jamie Oliver fish pie recipe.

You'll notice that its a bit scarce of mashed potatoes on the top... that's because I thought we had more potatoes in the flat than we actually did and when I found out I couldn't be bothered to get all wrapped up again and venture outside just for a few more potatoes so I made do with what I had. It was still delicious though. I normally just make fish pie with fish and spinach in it but this one had carrots and peas as well! The recipe calls for the peas to be mashed up into the mashed potato layer on top but I decided to switch it up and actually put them in with the filling. And it worked! You also cook the fish in the milk that's going to make the white sauce later so the entire dish has this smokey fish flavour throughout it. It was delicious. So warm and comforting and filling. Just what you want on a snowy day!


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