Making a Murderer: Part 1

Most of you have probably heard about the new Netflix documentary, Making a Murderer. I have to admit, I watched the first episode with Ashleigh and we weren't that hooked. We thought it was interesting but we were getting kind of bored towards the end of it. Maybe we just weren't in the right frame of mind. But then I got a message from my sister saying she was watching it and how much she liked it so I thought I'd give it another go and bam. I was addicted. I think I watched the next 9 episodes over like the course of 2 days. Each episode is an hour long so that's a lot of sitting around watching... but I really enjoyed it. It was so interesting and conflicting. I could never make up my mind whether I thought he was innocent or not. From everything I had heard about it on the internet and all the public reaction, I was expecting a clear cut 'oh my goodness he is so innocent, I can't believe he's been charged with the crime' reaction from myself but I don't know... there's just something off about him. Plus all the new evidence that's come to light that the documentary conveniently left out, casts some more doubt over him...

Anyway, I wrote my next article for Affairs Today on it and the public reaction and the controversy surrounding it. It was a pretty long piece so the opinions piece's editor decided to split it up into two sections. Here's part 1!

Hope you like it!


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