Chicken Lo Mein

I know that for a lot of people, myself included, having to cook every night can get a bit exhausting. Even if you love to cook, you might have had a long day or aren't feeling so good or just aren't in the mood to slave away in the kitchen, and so the easiest option is to spring for the takeaway menu. 

A fan-favourite takeaway option is good old Chinese food. You can never go wrong with some yummy noodles, fried rice or sweet and sour chicken. However, springing for a chinese takeaway can be fattening, sometimes expensive and even takes a while for the food to get there.

This chicken lo mein recipe, however, takes literally about 15 minutes to make. Way quicker than it would be to choose your food, order it, wait for them to make it and then wait for them to deliver it. And probably about half the calories. Not to mention it tastes just as good.

This dish is so yummy and so easy and quick to make. Even after a long day you won't feel like its too much effort to quickly whip up this meal. And you won't regret it either!


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